Nottinghamshire skyline
© Via flickr/Tracey Whitefoot
A strange noise was heard in a Nottinghamshire village in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Post reader Danielle Metcalf reported that she heard a loud noise and witnessed a bright light in the night sky in Burton Joyce - but what could it have been?

The noise was heard around 1:15am and startled Danielle, who told the Post: "It was an extremely loud noise, and one that I've not heard before." She added: "It didn't sound like a police helicopter and it didn't seem to move for ages. "It was really low and had a light which just shone and didn't really move. I would have expected to see it move into the distance. It seemed to just disappear to nowhere eventually. "To be honest, I was quite scared."

Michelle Pavey added that she heard the noise in Ruddington: "Initially it appeared as if it had travelled from across the Clifton area. I assumed it was the police but it was very dark so could not be sure."

Nottinghamshire Police were contacted by one of Ms Metcalf's friends, who also heard the noise, but reported that there were no records of helicopters in the area at that time. The Post has also contacted police, who said they are investigating the reports.

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