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This is the testimonials show where people can share their stories of dietary change and the effects they've experienced. On the Health and Wellness show we've talked about the ketogenic diet, the paleo diet, the vegetarian myth as well as the benefits of going gluten and dairy free and GMO free. Our listeners are well aware, or should be, of the importance of diet as the foundation for for good health whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. It's pretty sad to realize that most people don't make the connection between how they feel and function and what they put in their mouths several times a day, every day for their entire lives. Unfortunately, many people are digging their graves with their own mouths. When a symptom or illness comes along it is often explained away as simply genetic or something that runs in the family, bad luck or a complete mystery.

There are people out there who get it -- people who make the connection and those are the people we will be talking to today... and want to hear from you, too!

Have you made changes to your diet that have had results? Want to share your story? Call in today, or share with us in the chat room during the broadcast at 10 am EST, 4 pm CET, as we hear testimonials about the benefits of the Paleo-Keto Diet!

With us, as always, will be resident animal health expert Zoya with her weekly Pet Health segment.

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