Dutch FM Bert Koenders
Dutch FM Bert Koenders - he has smug idiot written all over his face
Well it may very well be that a majority of Ukrainians want to join the EU. But while they may want Europe, Europe may not want them. At least not the Dutch.

A referendum is scheduled in the Netherlands for April 6th on the question of the EU's association agreement with Ukraine. An overwhelming majority of Dutch say they will vote no, reports Politico:
The poll, conducted by the Dutch public broadcaster's program EenVandaag, is the first barometer on the April 6 vote. It found that over 50 percent of voters "are certain" to reject the Ukraine agreement, while another quarter of respondents said they'll "likely" reject the deal.

Over half of respondents also said they will certainly cast a ballot, while another 17 percent said they'd "most likely" vote. The threshold for the referendum to be taken into account is a turnout of 30 percent.
EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker says a no vote could lead to a "continental crisis." Meanwhile the mainstream media whores have resorted to blood libels to intimidate voters, saying a "no" vote is equivalent to voting for the murderers who shot down MH 17. As quoted in Reuters:
"A vote against the association treaty is a nod to the Kremlin and pro-Russian rebels," wrote columnist Bert Lanting in the Volkskrant newspaper on Saturday. "It is a vote for the people who in all likelihood brought down flight MH-17."
I wonder if Mr. Lanting has considered that a "yes" vote is a vote to approve an agreement with a violent genocidal regime which overthrew the constitutional government of Ukraine, letting loose a horde of armed extremist militia, and murdering over 9,000 people.

So I guess those 9,000, including the 50+ burned alive, suffocated and beaten to death on the ground outside the Odessa Trade Union House, are acceptable losses to establish "European values" and "dignity" in Ukraine.

The world knows exactly what Europe's "values" are, and has for years. Actually centuries. Chief among them is hypocrisy.

Meanwhile the Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders says if the Dutch people do refuse the agreement, all The Hague is required to do is "reconsider" its position.

What, you didn't think western "liberal democracies" actually gave a crap about the will of the people did you?

Almost certainly they will "reconsider" their position for about 5 seconds and maintain their current stance in lockstep with Washington, before the ballots have even finished being counted.

There is revolution brewing in Europe. The native European population is tired of being ignored. From PEGIDA to the surge of anti-establishment parties like Front National, anti-EU feeling is higher than ever.

Mr. Koenders and his ilk may not have to reconsider their position on Ukraine, but they may very soon have to reconsider their choice of career.