In this instalment of the Truth Perspective, we discussed the bizarre and erratic behavior of global weather, the connections between increasing volcanic eruptions, seismic activity and mass animal deaths and what these signs portend for the future of the planet.

We also discussed Putin's marathon question and answer session, Russia's peacekeeping efforts in Syria and Yemen, as well as the country's plans to enter into a strategic partnership with Iran.

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Here's the summary of the show:

This show was hosted by Elan Martin, Harrison Koehli along with SOTT editors Shane Lachance and William Barbe.

The first topic is the mother of all human events in history, Mother Nature. She's beginning to fume. Shane talks about some really weird things going on around the planet.

The weather, which is usually one of the safe, neutral topics that people talk about in the beginning of conversation when you don't want to talk about anything serious that might offend someone but the way things have been going on the planet for a while now it's the new norm for things to be so strange. While most of the northern hemisphere is going into spring we're still seeing some pretty wild snowstorms. Wyoming got hit yesterday by 10 inches of snow leading to a 70 car pile-up. New Zealand received an early snowfall and even Mexico received eight inches of snow. They're attributing the snowfall in Wyoming to global warming.

Along with the strange weathers there's also a ton of volcanic activity. An article on SOTT , describes the escalation in the 20th century from a yearly average of 35 eruptions a year to a total of 36 eruptions going on right now, as this radio show is broadcasting. There's quite an increase. There is seismic activity associated with volcanoes; one in Japan and one in Iceland and earthquake swarms. The Japanese 5.5 earthquake that hit the northeast coast in line with a variety of others that hit Cyprus, the Greek isles, Venezuela. None have been huge this past week. There was a 7.7 last month that hit New Guinea.

What was interesting about the Japanese earthquake and active volcano was that five days earlier there were 150 melon-headed whales that beached themselves along Japan's Pacific coast. When that happened there was a lot of activity on social media about fears of there being another "big one", because prior to the 2011 9.0 earthquake that led to the tsunami and Fukushima disaster 50 melon-headed whales also beached themselves in the area. There was a whole host of wild earth changes going on at that time. Comet Elenin was incoming also at that time, when the "world was supposed to end".
beached whales japan
Residents attempt to save melon-headed whales that beached themselves near Hokota, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Friday.
Just a week prior to the Christ Church earthquake in New Zealand there were two mass whales deaths that showed up on the coast of New Zealand as well. We see these mass animal deaths preceding these earthquakes, which is not to say that every time we see this mass die-off, whether beached or whatever, that that's absolutely predicting a giant earthquake, but we're seeing an accumulation of these events, getting more and more intense.

Looking at the past month, we have whales beaching themselves along Florida, India, California, New York, Australia, Washington state; millions of prawns washed ashore in Chile, billions of barrel fish appeared in the coastal waters off Cornwall, UK and the list goes on. So something is definitely up.

The New Madrid fault is in the central North America/Midwest so if there is a correlation between mass die-offs, what may be happening on the east coast as well, if the correlation is connected to earthquakes and tsunamis?

A lot of these events were found along the Ring of Fire, so are these animals picking up all the activity that's going on there? It's massive and not explained by what we're told. Global warming is the "answer" for everything and it's so inadequate, or the PTB don't give an answer. If you read the news the scientists say that there's no connection whatsoever between the mass beachings and the earthquakes. It's just a coincidence so there's a lot on social media debunking the possible connection.

It doesn't have to be a one-to-one correlation but doesn't meant that there isn't some kind of connection. It could be that there may be some common causality with the earthquake and whatever caused those particular beachings, not that every beaching has the same cause. It's silly not to look at the connection because there's so much going on and in so many other ways they're connected. You'd think or hope that science would be interested in the possible connections.

There's the correlation with the sun as well, the coronal holes that are constantly coming up. There's also a strong correlation between those coronal holes, earthquakes and increased volcanic activity on the earth; the electric universe. How much is that explored?

In the article about the Japan beaching, the one scientist that they quoted in providing an explanation was "They got lost and their sonars stopped working and they ended up on the beach". A facetious remark was posited by Harrison that it was probably a Russian sub that blasted them with some EMP or something, or that Putin did it, Russian aggression.

So there are mass beachings, for one thing. Some people say that out-gassing may be happening underneath the sea floor that's causing such an extreme change in the environment that they would flee the oceans. But whales are pretty intelligent mammals. Is the beaching an instinctual kind of exodus of a damned environment? Is it just them finding themselves going as far away from the parts of the sea that are contaminated with out-gassing?

Seeing these events are heart-wrenching, seeing all these creatures on the shore; it's kind of a violent death. So what is going on with these animals? Does it have to do with them being sensitive to the electromagnetic fields that are also tied in with these earthquakes and the volcanic activity? Looking at animals' sense of self-preservation, you don't ordinarily see animals giving up their lives for some noble purpose or something like that. So what's going on here?

A couple of ideas come to mind. One is the airy-fairy version that there's some kind of bigger, symbolic picture going on. But the other direction is that they experienced something, or encountered something that made them want to flee for their lives, but the only place they could go was a place where they'd eventually die, that the environment that they were in was uninhabitable for whatever reason and they had to get out. Some kind of vibration or noise in the water that would cause them to flee? Too many new-agers trying to talk to whales and dolphins. (Laughter).

There's a lot of crazy stuff happening on land as well, such as animal attacks. India has had a whole slew of animals trampling people. It's all over the world but for some reason there's been a lot in the news lately with India. Prior to the 2011 earthquake in Japan you can seen groupings in January. There were tons and tons of bird deaths. Then in February it was more aquatic animal deaths. I'm not sure exactly what is going on but it's interesting that these patterns can be identified and they do seem grouped together during different periods.

That brings up the question of whether people in the past have experienced these kind of phenomena and what they thought about it. Literature from antiquity describes these signs and they were seen as portents, omens. It was classified along the lines of scholarly work and was held with the same high regard as medicine, law and mathematics. It was regarded as something serious and should be something serious when we're seeing such massive die-offs all over the planet.

The oldest case that they could find was from 373 BC. There was a great earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the Greek city of Helike which was also associated with a great comet. Shane has a couple of passages from that period:
The wrath of Poseidon visited them without delay. An earthquake promptly struck their land and swallowed up without leaving a trace for posterity to see, both the buildings and the very site on which the city stood. Warnings usually in all cases are wont to be sent by the god for violent and far-reaching earthquakes. Either continuous storms of rain or else continuous droughts occurred before earthquakes of an unusual length of time and the weather is unseasonable.
Another account:
For five days before Helike disappeared all the mice and vermin and snakes and centipedes and beetles and every other creature of that kind in the city left in a body by the road that leads to Keryneia. And the people of Helike seeing this happen were filled with amazement but were unable to guess the reason. But after these creatures had departed, an earthquake occurred in the night. The city subsided and an immense wave flooded and Helike disappeared while ten Spartan vessels which happened to be at anchor were lost together with the city.
So it was a pretty massive tsunami and earthquake and could perhaps be compared to what happened in the 2011 earthquake, completely destroying the city. Some accounts relate it to the lost city of Atlantis.

One other event that has some parallels to today's discussion is from 216 BC:
Light was suddenly withdrawn and Albanian mariners hunched into darkness looking in vain for the shores and land of Cypos and many a screech owl beset the gate to the camp. Thick swarms of bees were constantly twining themselves around the terrified standards and the bright hair of more than one comet portent that the throne's monarchs showed its baleful glare. Wild beasts also in the silence of night burst through the rampart of the camp, snatched up a sentry before the eyes of his frightened comrades and scattered his limbs over the adjacent fields.
The animals-gone-crazy is happening worldwide and it's been going on for a while. If there is some link between serious environmental changes and animal behaviour, what we're looking at is global, maybe even cosmic. Both of the stories mentioned are associated with comets to one degree or another. In ancient accounts of earthquakes there's the possibility that they weren't just earthquakes, but some type of cometary bombardment. A city is completely destroyed without survivors so any direct eyewitness would probably be killed in a bombardment like that, either an impact or an overhead explosion. The only eyewitnesses would have either seen a light or felt or heard the shaking, have gone in and seen the destruction and conclude that it was an earthquake.

There are a few cases like that which Laura talks about in Comets and the Horns of Moses. As we know comets are not just dirty snowballs, they are an electrical phenomenon. As the comet is passing through the solar system there are electrical effects going on, the glowing coma of the comet and possible discharges between bodies within the solar system and looking at global or cosmic effects you could have the entire environment of the solar system changed by different charges, different effects, and that will have an effect on any of the planets within that field.

It makes one wonder if these animals are responding to that changed environment in some way, freaking them out since they are more sensitive. Mind control technology messes with your head using non-lethal weaponry. It uses various frequencies or electromagnetic vibrations and can drive you crazy. Another option might be their ESP abilities, as Rupert Sheldrake talks about in his books, there might be an experiential ESP component going on, like they're picking up something weird and reacting to that.

Sheldrake makes interesting connections between animals and humans. In repeated experiments dogs will go to the door and wait for their owner at the moment that the owner thinks about coming home. It's not a theory, lots of people have tried the experiment and found that it is a repeated phenomenon. So are animals also picking up on human activity as we get more nuts? The effects might be more obvious in animals. We don't see them and as crazy as we get, we normalize human behaviour. Another day on the big blue marble, when by any objective measure, humanity is just as crazy; zombie attacks in the last few years, biting people's faces off.

How much does the magnetic field have to do with this? The sun has completed its pole reversal and William has seen an article where the magnetic poles of the earth are actually coming together, towards the equator. They can't meet so it's possible that we have a new orientation in our magnetic field and that could have effects on what we see going on in the world. The magnetic field on the earth is shifting away from the United States and North America and going towards Russia and the healthiest part of the field is over Russia and the US had the weakest.

mass bird deaths

Volunteers have been counting and tagging emaciated juvenile Cassin's auklets like these, which washed ashore near Pacific City, Oregon.
Earlier in the year the trend was bird deaths, and then it moved to marine life. It is pretty strange when a whole flock of birds will drop dead out of the sky. But birds aren't the weirdest thing that fell out of the sky. Apparently a lot more creatures can fly than you think (chuckles) because in Norway a biology teacher, Karstein Erstad, was skiing in the mountains where he discovered thousands of earthworms on the top layer of a metre of snow. There was no way they could have come out of the ground. The only explanation was that they'd fallen from the sky onto the snow. Many of them were still alive, barely able to wiggle, so the encounter must have been soon after they fell.

It's pretty common for things other than earthworms to fall out of the sky. Pliny the elder in his Natural History between about 77 and 79 AD wrote about a storm of frogs and fish falling from the sky. In Aberdare, Wales on February 11, 1859 showers of live minnow and smooth tailed sticklebacks fell. On May 8, 1921 thousands of frogs fell on Gibraltar during a thunderstorm. March 4, 1998 in Shirley Croydon a large number of dead frogs. Heavy storm in Acapulco, Mexico on October 5, 1967 accompanied by maggots around one inch long. Dozens of fish later identified as flounder and smelt were found in the gardens and on roofs in the borough of Newham in East London following a thunderstorm. Late May 1984, 1996, May 17 a fall of more than 20 small fish was witnessed in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. A shower of apples brought rush hour traffic to a halt in Coundon, Coventry on December 5, 2011.

That's just a small selection by Charles Fort who made a career out of finding these kind of reports. His collected works is approximately 1,500 pages, from going through science journals and newspapers and finding all these reports that were brushed off as anomalies then forgotten. Fort had a sense of humour and came up with a worldview to explain it all where an alien species owned the earth and would drop things down onto the planet every once in a while just to mess with the people living there.

These still happen and go back hundreds of years consistently. Explanations vary from cyclones to waterspouts carrying them in the atmosphere. There's no good explanation for the phenomenon at this point. John Keel took over from Fort as the go-to guy for weird stuff and humour at the same time. Keel also covered UFOs and went into the areas that "mainstream" UFO researchers, which is pushing it quite a bit, wouldn't go. He looked at all the reports of apparent UFO wreckage where you have genuine UFO reports accompanied by physical evidence in the form of what looks like scrap metal. Mainstream UFO researchers dismissed these reports as obvious hoaxes or that there was nothing there out of the ordinary.

So Keel started asking himself where the metal was coming from, since the witnesses seemed genuine, how can the presence of the metal be explained with what people actually saw and the fact that it was just ordinary metal. His conclusion was that like Charles Fort, maybe it was deliberate, dropped down as a joke.

A week ago there was a Sputnik article out of Russia that happened in Chita. An object crashed and exploded leaving a pillar of smoke. They found pieces of scrap metal where the explosion occurred. The official in charge said that the metal "did not resemble anything." That's the weird thing about these cases, the metal looks like scraps that don't fit together in any particular way, just a conglomeration of bits and pieces that fell out of the sky.

Maybe these events in Keel's work are similar to the way creatures or things that seemingly aren't from this world. Maybe the earthworms are from our world, just from another part. In parapsychology the scientists are so focused on making the best lab experiment because they really want to show that it's a serious science and they can do science. That actually works because they end up developing better methodologies than mainstream scientists doing "regular" experimentation.

The whole reason the field of parapsychology started as a science was to explain the occurrences of PK and ESP in real life, to see if these things were real, to verify if these were real phenomena. The anecdotal cases contain the really weird stuff that can't be duplicated in a lab because the conditions that are conducive to and under which these phenomena take place are unknown. It's open whether objects, so-called teleportations and apportations by the medium in a séance will seemingly teleport or at least create them. It's open whether the objects like stones, crystals, amulets, pieces of jewellery or beads are created out of nothing or translated into the room where the medium is. They sometimes appear out of the medium's body. Stephen Braude talked about a medium who would produce what looked like flakes of gold on her skin which tests showed was a different metal.

Objects like coins may be taken from somewhere and put somewhere else. So is there a spooky aspect to these? It's only spooky or supernatural until we have a real study of it and answers. In a world that respected these types of questions, we would have some very matter-of-fact explanations. Some of these things have rational, scientific explanations. Some of them aren't accounted for at all. One example is the brownish tinge on the snow in the Swiss Alps created by sand from the Sahara desert. There are winds that are able to carry the sand over incredible distances. That's one thing we know. So what don't we know, is the question.

There are approximately six super volcanoes in the world. Three of them are in the US, including Yellowstone, the Long Valley Caldera and the second largest in North America in east central California. It has a 200 square mile magma chamber which is huge. The Long Valley Caldera doesn't resemble the mouth of a volcano. It's a huge expanse with the potential of the whole thing going up.

A super volcano has an ejecta volume of greater than 240 cubic miles. The Yellowstone caldera and a few others around the planet have this potential. When one of these goes it's a civilization-ender. If it happened in the US it would take out a third of the country which is exactly what they're saying. There has been a lot of weird activity at Yellowstone. There are 3,000 tiny earthquakes per day there. Parts of the park are being closed and people are feeling more intense earthquakes there.
yellowstone caldera
If the animal deaths around the Ring of Fire are indicative of a larger event that's actually all connected, what might that mean if it's also connected to Yellowstone? We're talking about plumes of ash flying into the air 1,000 miles away. The last major eruption at Yellowstone was 640,000 years ago. It's been holding up all its anger and aggression (laughter). So this is just something to consider in light of the fact that there's been so much other volcanic activity in so many other places around the world at this time.

It's easy to get complacent in our own particular bubble when we look at the global picture, but looking through the Earth Changes category on SOTT and seeing these things happening all over the planet, it's really getting hot all over the place, not just localized events. The power of these events, it puts nuclear weapons to shame. In a recent article Elan read one scientist said that some of these super volcanoes have a million times the power of a megaton bomb or something of that ilk. It hasn't been verified, but even if it's only 1,000 times, we're talking about destructive power that can bring destruction on many millions of people and cover large swaths of continents. It changes the temperature, blocks out the heat from the sun, half of all livestock perishes. Volcanoes are nothing to sneeze at, even if we haven't seen a major one happening in hundreds of thousands of years.

Using Mount St. Helens as a point of reference, if a super volcano goes off, it's a thousand times more powerful.

The Greek city of Helike was devoted to Poseidon and they also got wiped out by the earthquake and tsunami. The Greek myths probably do have some basis in fact but not the way that most people would think. Cosmic Serpent and Cosmic Winter were written in the 1980s by Victor Clube and Bill Napier. Throughout their careers they have researched comets and in these books relate comets to history, trying to nail down the nature of comets, when past bombardments may have occurred and what disasters on earth may have in fact been caused by comets; the nature of comets and where they come from.

One of the most revolutionary things in their books is that so many myths across the entire globe seem to be inspired by things that were happening in the skies and then happened on the earth as a result of what was going on in the skies. There are patterns in world mythology on every continent that match up; a great god and a fight with his son or some kind of progeny which will give rise to the lineage of the gods; there'll be a great flood. There are elements of the same myth, in the same sequence that recur in all world mythologies. Taking into account their work and others who followed like Mike Baille in Ireland, and collected and expanded upon in Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book Comets and the Horns of Moses, you can see that these stories about what the gods were doing is mythologized explanations of real events. When people saw a god in the heavens, they were seeing a giant comet in the skies and then followed by electromagnetic discharges, impacts and bombardments linked with volcanoes and earthquakes. If a comet smashes into the ocean a tsunami results.

The myths trace back to these comets. Names like Zeus and Poseidon were probably the names of comets and they got turned into tales that people could tell and understand and eventually an anthropomorphic element gets added in, the gods become giant superheroes that are super-attractive and get into fights with each other and mess with humans, but at the root they were actually things that were happening in the skies. Comets can look really weird and have remarkable shapes so they could look like a long flowing mane of hair, or animals or snakes or dragons; a whole range of different types of animals or even humanoid shapes.

In the book Argonauts of the Desert by a Belgian researched named Philippe Wajdenbaum, his arguments are revolutionary; the Hebrew bible, the Torah was actually a Hellenistic book inspired by Greek writing and Greek culture. It seems "way out there" if you "know anything" about biblical history or are part of a religious tradition that see these books as a history, like Jews or Christians. People still believe that Moses wrote the first books of the bible but he brings evidence to show that that's probably not the case. There's no evidence for a bible existing before the Hellenistic age, which is after Alexander and up to the Roman period (323 BC to 31 BC). There are no historical references of that time to the Jewish religion, a Torah or anything like this.

There might be cult aspects, like the worship of Yahweh and evidence for circumcision as a practice and there are archaeological finds that confirm certain names of rulers and geopolitical developments in those times. Wajdenbaum takes all of that into account and argues that it's a Hellenistic book and pretty much every story in the bible is inspired by a Greek writing; a Greek myth or writings from the Greek historians like Herodotus. One excerpt, pointing out one of the parallels is about Isaac and Abraham. Abraham was told by god to sacrifice his son in Genesis:
Abraham is about to sacrifice his son to Yahweh when a divine messenger stops him. Abraham sacrifices a ram whose horns are embedded in a bush instead of Isaac.
In the Greek variant:
Athamas, King of Boeotia is about to sacrifice his son Phrixus to Zeus because of a false oracle when a winged ram sent by Zeus takes Phrixus on his back and brings him safely to Colchis, modern-day Georgia. There, to thank Zeus for saving his life, Phrixus sacrifices the ram and hangs its golden fleece on an oak.
Wajdenbaum writes:
We can distinguish several myth themes (small units that are in a myth) in this narrative. A father is about to sacrifice his son to a supreme god; a divine messenger intervenes; the son is saved and a ram is sacrificed in his stead.
There are also differences and Wajdenbaum gets into those as well. He goes through Genesis to Kings showing these references. It's a new perspective in biblical studies but not a new perspective at all because the early Christian writers had to defend the bible against charges that it was based on Greek writing, on Plato and that Plato came before Moses. They responded by saying the bible is older than the Greek myths because Moses lived thousands of years before Plato did; "QED, end of argument. Read the book! Moses is really old so therefore the bible must have been written thousands of years ago!"

So the seeds of the ideas have been there since the Hellenistic era and the time of the Roman Empire but it's only been in the last 10 or 15 years these ideas have begun to be looked at in detail by scholars of Christianity and Judaism and the bible in general.

The aspects of bible stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sampson, Solomon and David, are actually aspects from Greek myths which are descriptions of celestial events. When you're talking about Solomon or David you're probably talking about a comet somewhere in there, in one way or another.

Today there are all the animal portents and what would be considered divination, extracting meaning from a mass death of animals. They made the connections during those times even though the meaning may have been watered down and interpreted in different ways today. But looking at it through this lens as Wajdenbaum describes it, we get a more meaningful picture of what's going on in the world. There's a parallel in the way the ideas are interpreted. In ancient times people looked at this very seriously, trying to figure out what was going on. Over time it got relegated to old-time superstition until nowadays people just don't take it seriously at all while the stories in the bible based on Greek myths become stories about ancient kings and leaders that didn't actually happen. So the true picture gets lost in the noise to the point where we end up believing in things that aren't true, that didn't happen and losing perspective on the significance and meaning of events that nowadays are a regular part of everyday reality.

These massive events are hardly mentioned in mainstream media. They're important to recognize and try to understand for the world that we live in. The denial seems so wrong. We're missing messages that are important to see.

In Hollywood's treatment of these subjects, like Armageddon where a comet is going to impact earth and so there's always some kind of hyper-patriarchal masculine approach to offsetting the damage and that is Western culture's approach to these subjects, kaboom-boom. It's portrayed as a fantasy world, "This only happens in fantasy folks. This isn't real at all and make sure you consume 40 hours a week of your news and dissociate, and you'll be fine. This isn't part of reality. And if heaven forbid, one of these threats should come to earth, we have some heroes here who can hop on it and blow it up."

That attitude is typically American. An asteroid is coming that's going to destroy earth. What are we going to do? We're going to bring democracy and freedom to it. (Laughter) Because all those dust particles and rocks in that comet don't have the freedom and democracy that we do. Those terrorist meteors! We're going to get up there and we're going to bomb the hell out of it to bring it the freedom and democracy that it deserves. The comets have a right to freedom and democracy. Asteroids have a right to freedom and democracy and who are we to deny that from them?

The roots of this very Western perspective are also very Judao-Christian. The saviour is going to put things right; just rely on them and you'll be fine. These topics point to so many ways of seeing and not seeing what's happening today that we take for granted.

President Putin recently gave his annual marathon question and answer session before the Russian public live on television. It lasted for four-to-five hours at a time, fielding all sorts of different questions from the political to relationship advice. Approximately 3 million questions came in. Watching any part of his Q&A session, you're in danger of becoming deprogrammed from thinking that Putin doesn't give a crap about his people. He managed to address the questions in some detail which suggests a lot of preparation and homework and just general knowledge; not to say all of the questions were given to him beforehand, they way they might be in one of these US town hall meetings with Obama or Clinton.

He's a busy man. A CNN article by Matthew Chance wrote a piece the day before the Q&A. The language used to describe the meeting and what Putin was actually doing, according to him are pretty telling, but also standard fair in western propaganda. His comments are so ridiculous and beyond the pale absurd, you just have to laugh at them.

He begins the article by saying that in Russia political opposition could do damage to your health which was a reference to Boris Nemtsov, the political opponent who was murdered a few months ago in Russia. There's no possibility in this writer's mind that Putin might actually give a hoot for his people. Everything has to be defined by the perception of him as a baddy or nefarious character.
Putin question answer session

Russia's President Vladimir Putin gives his annual televised question-and-answer session with the nation in Moscow, on April 17, 2014.
Listening to the questions and answers, it's incredible that Putin does have such knowledge of all these different aspects. There was no teleprompter, no script. He had a thorough knowledge and genuine concern comes across. It's opposite to the depiction of him in the American media. You can't help but be inspired by him.

He had a few choice lines during the session. He was saying all of this before the world and anyone who has been listening. He said "Big superpowers which pretend to be exceptional and consider themselves the only centre of power in the world do not need allies. They need vassals. I'm talking about the United States. Russia cannot exist in such a system of relations." What an amazing counter to the rhetoric and bluster from Washington right now. The quote really points out the relationship that the United States has with every country; they don't look at others as partners, they're just vassals. "What can you do for me" and "me" being another financial war machine.

Putin is also accused of trying to rebuild the Soviet empire. In response to that he said outright "We do not intend to rebuild an empire despite what they are accusing us of. We have no imperial ambition. But providing a decent living to people, including Russians living abroad in countries close to us, that we can do by developing cooperation with them." He's actually doing things; building economic alliances with China, Brazil, South Africa, India, creating the infrastructure for new ways of trade. It's not empire building.

In another quote from the marathon in response to the accusation that he wants to rebuild the USSR, he had an interesting spin on it. He said that "After WWII we tried to impose on many eastern European nations our model of development and we did it through force. We must acknowledge that. There is nothing good in it. It still affects us today. The Americans are doing something like that now and trying to impose their model on virtually the entire world. They will fail too."

It's so true. The USSR was seen as the evil empire during the Cold War and the US was painted with rose coloured glasses as the bastion of freedom and democracy and the only good place in the world. It has now become clear that the US is the centre of the evil empire and it is seeing the world the way they portrayed the USSR as seeing it. Putins' completely correct in turning the tables on that accusation and pointing out that it's the US that wants to rebuild the USSR. The hawks in Washington want the USSR.

There are so many parallels with that analogy; the expansionism, the blatant propaganda. What's sad is that the in the USSR the people recognized their government's propaganda. In America today it's seen as the absolute truth. There's no debate. There's no discussion on it. If you disagree, you're some wild conspiracy theorist or some nutter.

It's an incredible admission on his part to point back to the USSR historically in the last five or six decades and point out its own faults. If you can't point to what's wrong, then you have very little criteria to work on correcting things optimally and constructively. His last statement is disarming in a couple of ways. The USSR fell behind in many ways working within such an entropically structured government and society, and there he is coming out and saying it!

Putin was asked about the breaking news that a prominent journalist in Ukraine was killed, Oles Buzina. He was in the opposition in the current government in Ukraine. Putin responded "In Ukraine, which aspires to be a democratic country and seeks membership in a democratic Europe, no thorough investigations of these crime happen. Where are the killers of these people? There appear to be none. No killers. No people who hired them. And in North America and Europe they prefer not to notice that."

There has been a string of political murders in Ukraine and Kiev. It seems like every few days an opposition member or journalist who said something in support of a policy that goes against Kiev turn up shot, hanged or whatever. There's no explanation or they committed suicide.

In Russia where Nemtsov was killed there was a media circus about it. "Here's Putin personally killing off members of the opposition". It was total PR and spin in the media. There's no evidence of that. Russia launched an official investigation and supported Nemtsov, gave him public support and mourned along with the people that liked him officially. Nothing happens in Kiev. They make fun of the person who was killed or say it was a good thing. The response is animalistic by the people that the Western nations support. Whenever anything happens it Russia, it pales in comparison to the things that are going on in Ukraine. The hypocrisy is astounding.

In another Ukraine-related story, a Ukrainian classical pianist was scheduled to play with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. It had been planned for months and was suddenly cancelled. The TSO released a statement that the pianist Valentina Lisitsa would not be playing and they would change the program and schedule and someone else would be playing.

Valentina is an outspoken critic of what's going on in Kiev. She can rightly be called anti-Kiev. She's got a Twitter page where she posts daily pointing out either media lies or what's really going on, pretty much the stuff covered on SOTT. On Twitter she'd write sarcastic things or jokes and things that would understandably be offensive to some people because whenever you speak the truth about something it's going to be offensive. Sometimes you want to raise people's hackles a bit when you do it.

She went public with the story because the TSO wasn't saying anything. Several months ago in December the TSO had received complaints from the Ukrainian community in Toronto about Valentina, saying that she was inciting hatred and spreading hate speech on her Twitter page. So they decided to cancel her show, with pay, in response to that.

First a bit of background on Valentina. Her Facebook page handle is NedoUkraïnka which translates as Sub-Ukrainian, in reference to Yatsenyuk's blunder when on the official Ukrainian government page translated into English, he referred to the residents of eastern Ukraine as sub-humans. Psaki tried to get around the issue without either confirming or denying it. Essentially she was saying that it was perfectly alright that he called these people sub-humans because he was doing something else at the same time.

In response to her tweets she's been called all kinds of names like being a paid Kremlin (expletive-insert your word of choice there), subhuman. People are calling her a Nazi and fascist which is really ironic. People are posting on Twitter that she's inciting violence and calling on all her fans to commit violent acts against who-knows in specific, possibly the TSO or the people protesting against her or whatever.

After she went public the TSO's CEO, pompous-assed Jeff Melanson, he "broke his silence" to "set the story straight". He said, "We did not go public with this story because we're trying to protect Valentina and her reputation. We are now going public because she basically forced the issue on us and now we are speaking to you" in an interview that he gave to a Canadian paper. "Torontonians approach us with great concern. Over the course of the last four months the concern over these deeply offensive and intolerant tweets has built to a chorus of a very large group of Torontonians, not just Ukrainians. We are in the world's most ethnically diverse city, a tolerant city." He described her tweets as "some of the most egregious things one could possibly read or write, intolerant and offensive expression." In the last bit he was answering a question about whether this was an issue of free speech. He said "This has nothing to do with tolerance or free speech. This is about stopping her from her intolerant expression of free speech."

People have their talents. Some people are good musicians, some people are good mathematicians. Melanson probably has got some kind of skill to allow him to be the CEO of Toronto's orchestra, but he obviously is pretty stupid in a whole bunch of other ways. The UK paper The Telegraph had a really good response, just pointing out the obvious. "Jeff, tolerance and free speech includes stuff that people might find offensive. This was the whole thing that Charlie Hebdo was about; freedom of expression to say, write or draw things that other people might find offensive."

He denied that is was a donor issue after rumours that one of donors was planning on pulling out their support for the TSO if they had let her play. He claimed it was a fabrication on Lisitsa's part. The Canadian article wrote that it showed the Globe and Mail an email from her agent Tanja Dorn at IMG Artists dated February 27 in which Ms. Dorn said she had spoken with TSO vice president of artistic planning Loie Fallis who told her "A Ukrainian donor wants to pull his sponsorship". Melanson blamed Valentina for making it up while the Globe and Mail pointed out, from this email, it was the TSO vice-president that was sent to her agent. A slimeball way of going about it. Melanson disclosed a 7-page document containing her tweets for explanation. When she said she wrote every word and stuck by it, they told her the show was cancelled.

Here's a sample of some of the tweets. Some are funny. The first tweet says "Ukrainian elite was always fond of certain German terminology. 'Untermensch' Yatsenyuk had in mind no doubt." How could she say such a thing! That is so offensive to Yatsenyuk and historically accurate. She also writes "Never was a nation made to turn back the clock of progress and willingly return to rural obscurity." "Dr. EU attempted to separate conjoined twins Russia/Ukraine with a meat clever and no anaesthesia". Vivid but true. Hashtag "If Scotland were Ukraine". "They would now be burning tires and chanting "Glory to Scotland! Glory to the nation! Death to enemy the Brits! One is a civilized way. Another is uncivilized."

That is so offensive to Scottish people to be compared to Ukrainians! How can she do that! She has a satirical flair but everything she's saying sounds like it's based on objective fact. No doubt if the Ukrainian donor to the TSO exists, if he has these nationalist, narrow allegiance to Kiev's new regime, he might have wanted to pull his money out. But where's the backbone? Maybe that's not a question in the context of these CEOs of orchestras who get supported by donor money. The Metropolitan Opera and Symphony are supported by Koch Brothers, so there's a party line. Probably a government agency somewhere sent a letter and is trying to enforce some kind of political agenda as well. Artists' points of view can't be tolerated.

She made a lot of tweets about fascistic, Nazi-inspired stuff in Ukraine like the Azov Battalion and Right Sector. The funny thing is, people writing articles about her think that she is the one espousing the Nazi mentality, when she's pointing out it is actually these groups of Ukrainians doing it. Either they're really stupid and don't know what's going on because they have the preconceived notion in their heads then read that as being a Nazi or it's deliberate and out of malice.

She tweeted "Torn limbs, headless bodies on the streets. This is 21st century Ukraine? Die Nazi [bleep]!" The response written by a journalist for the Examiner in the states, "Blaming Ukraine, a victim of Russian aggression for the casualties caused by Putin's invading pawns is extremely offensive. Echoing disturbing commentary that wants an entire country to die is also very disturbing. In other tweets Lisitsa supports Russia's pet project, Novorussia," blah, blah, blah.

First of all, she's commenting on the headless, dead bodies in the streets caused by death squads and Ukrainian National Guard and regular army forces. She's saying this is 21st century Ukraine. This guy responds "uh, uh, uh, how can you possibly be criticizing Ukraine for what Putin's pawns in east Ukraine are doing?" It's willful ignorance.

It makes you think of the Israeli position on Gaza, they must be using children as shields, it's the Palestinians' fault that they're dead.
 Valentina Lisitsa
© Wikimedia Commons/Michael von Aichberger
Valentina Lisitsa
Responding to her "Die Nazi [bleep]", he responds that it's very disturbing that she wants an entire country to die? She never said that. That's a very striking admission on this journalist's part that that reference automatically makes him think of the whole of Ukraine as being a Nazi.

Valentina tweeted "Dear informed Ukrainians, I will never get tired of reminding you that you are dog poop. Thank you for your attention." Informed Ukrainians is a common term for Ukrainians who think they're politically informed, the ones who jumped on Maidan, a specific group of people who think they're smart but are dog poop because for various reasons, they have no idea what's going on. They support Nazi death squads, they vilify, demonize and support the genocide living in the east of the country.

Response: "Denigrating people of any nation with this type of hate speech is extremely offensive. When viewed in combination with Lisitsa's other social media postings, this tweet paints a clear picture of her extreme hatred towards Ukrainians." She's a Ukrainian herself, born in Kiev. She must be a self-hating Ukrainian! The parallels just continue.

Harrison wrote a message of support for Valentina on the TSO's Facebook page and got one troll that attached to his post. There was back-and-forth over the next few days. He said shame on the TSO for doing this. It's totally irresponsible in a nation like Canada that prides itself on its tolerance and one reply called him a Kremlin troll and ended by posting a video in Russian called "KGB collaboration with the SS", some KGB guy shaking hands with one of the SS officers.

So Russia is bad because some people in the KGB more than 70 years ago, true or not, had some form of collaboration with the SS. Harrison responded "Did the Ukrainians invent a time machine because I don't see how this is relevant to what's going on now" and posted a picture of the Azov Battalion, sitting on the street with their tank, their EU flag, their Azov Battalion flag and the Nazi swastika flag, giving the Nazi salute. There was no response.

So Russia is being criticized for what the USSR may or may not have done, and the point is being missed that the very hinge of the argument is the thing that Lisitsa herself is using to criticize the current Ukrainian government that no, it's not that the Ukrainians 70 years ago might have conspired and collaborated with the Nazis, it's that they are existing right now and these guys are openly Nazis right now.

This is where the Western media has been so successful. If you hear about it anywhere in a western newspaper or media outlet, it's a complete anomaly. There has been no connection made between Kiev's association with Azov Battalion and Right Sector and Sveboda and what they're doing and who they are, with the US government's tacit approval of them. It's not in the calculus. It's not even a blip in the vast scheme of things. The media whores have managed to keep it under wraps to the detriment of everybody.

Who knows how much more of this will come out and how? It is coming out a little bit of a time in places here and there. This link has to be communicated.

One more quote and response. Valentina writes "I think the whole former Ukraine is a site of giant CIA experiment in mind-altering drugs." It's obviously a half-serious joke. The response from the Examiner journalist is "and uses a disturbing imagery of Maidan revolutioners pictured as patients in psychiatric asylums. This offensive commentary exhibits many trademarks of Nazi ideology. Great disrespect for another's culture, intelligence and respectability, expansionism and references to alleged mental illness, highly inflammatory allegations reminiscent of Hitler's propensity to exterminate people that were deemed not normal."

It's like these reporters are in a completely different reality. It's baffling how they can say the things that they're saying, and all from that short tweet. (everyone laughing) He wrote all of that because she said "These people are all crazy". How many times have we said something like "These people are all crazy?"

In the past couple of weeks Russia made three big moves on the world stage. First, there was a meeting in Moscow with Damascus, Syria and the so-called non-terrorist anti-government opposition, in other words not ISIS, not US proxy trolls, and they came to agreement on five conflict resolution principles for the first time in four years. So once again Russia has been playing the roll of peacekeeper in the world and getting people to talk to each other and come to diplomatic solutions to their problems, as opposed to sending a bunch of head-chopping, crazy lunatics into a country to kill a whole bunch of people and take down the legitimate ruler of that state, i.e., Syria. So Russia was brokering a talk between Bashar al-Assad and the opposition of his government with whom there have been conflicts for the last several years, and getting them to come to an agreement on something as opposed to just bombing the hell out of both of them. What a concept!

Second, in Yemen, Russia sent in planes to take out their own citizens but they said "Okay, we'll take whoever needs to leave", airlifting Americans out of Yemen. China helped out too. The US response was "It's just too dangerous. You're on your own guys. Sorry. We know that we are providing all the coordinates to Saudi Arabia to bomb the hell out of the place that you're in. We really can't be bothered to send another plane in. We're really focusing on the jets right now and the bombs and the destruction and the killing. So if we accidentally kill you or if you accidentally get killed, it's just sorry but we've been telling you that Yemen is a crappy country for years, so you're on your own. And next time choose an assignment somewhere more peaceful." It's your fault in other words.

The American military blamed Americans in Yemen for being there in the first place while they're bombing the hell out of it, so good job America, better job Russia.

Third, Russia is establishing a strategic partnership with Iran. They have decided to supply Iran with S300 missile systems. Previously Russia had put a self-imposed ban on providing those weapon systems to Iran, but now they have lifted that self-imposed ban and will be providing them. This made Bibi Netanyahu angry - just picture it: he hears the news, his face starts going red and you can see little wisps of smoke coming out of his ears "Oh my god!!" So he called Putin because he was so upset that Putin could do such a thing to Bibi because they're supposed to be friends. They go way back. How could Putin betray him in this way by giving Iran these weapons?

So Putin had to explain to Netanyahu the difference between the words "offensive" and "defensive" because these weapons are defensive weapons designed to be used in case of an attack on Iran. So he was basically saying "Bibi, calm down. The only time they'll have to use them is if you decide to go in there and start something." (Laughter) Of course Bibi didn't like that and he had to find his pacifier, sit down with his teddy bear for a while and re-establish emotional equilibrium because of his grave concerns over that decision.

He got pissed off at Obama as well since Obama said "I'm surprised Russia took so long" because they were never part of the restrictions on Iran, it was just voluntarily done by Russia. Israel's not too happy about that either.

It looks like the whole charade of brokering some kind of nuclear deal with Iran is just that, a charade. Stephen Lendman's analysis is that the White House has been giving Congress the okay ultimately to dictate the whole terms of the agreement. Since the White House knows that Congress is on the payroll and influenced by APAC or Israel, it doesn't look like it's going to be passed. So the conclusion is that all of the gestures of establishing a new relationship between Iran and the US is all a case of good cop/bad cop and manipulation. It makes you wonder if this whole drama between the White House and Bibi coming to speak before Congress a few months ago wasn't just some theatre of the absurd.

All this controversy comes back to this one state department memo, read by a guy who didn't know much about the Middle East and when he read about Israel having nuclear weapons he had a brain fart. He thought it said Iran and so this whole thing has started in response to that. (Laughter) US politicians aren't very intelligent, so they took this guy at his word because most of them can't read. It turns out the whole time it's been Israel that wants the nuclear weapons. And they already have nuclear weapons.

This is a new revelation. Harrison has a secret source in the State Department and they let him know that. It was all just a misreading of Israel for Iran. So now that this information's out, the only proper course is just change the wording in all these documents from "Iran" to "Israel". Then we can have sanctions against Israel, a world outcry against Israel having this illegal nuclear armament weapon supply, causing chaos in the Middle East. Who'd-a-thunk it was Israel the whole time doing all these dastardly deeds?

People just need to read The Sampson Option by Seymour Hersh. There's a reason why Israel has had nuclear bombs for several decades now. They are serious about holding it over everyone's head.

Shane says there's the possibility of a woman president after Obama. Elan groans and says "Oh god, you had to go there." (Laughter) Not the gender part, but where you're going with it. Peoples' concern with who the new president could be is a replay of what we saw with Obama. People put their faith in these things that are very superficial when you get to what's going on underneath. It's the same boss.

Hilary (political animal) Clinton, the devil incarnate wicked witch of the west. (Laughter). The Clinton's had some really shady dealings and a laundry list of assassinations of people that have been going on for years especially when Bill Clinton was in power and as governor in Arkansas. It makes you wonder if the creators of 'House of Cards' created the Underwood's based on the Clinton's because the parallels are kind of freaky.

Hilary helped destroy Libya and then laughed about it. She has destroyed the lives of millions of people by spearheading that whole effort. When you look at Qaddafi and what he was creating, it's beyond a travesty to see this wonderful man who was doing such amazing things and the potential he was creating for all of Africa. Then that clip where she says "We came, we saw, he died" and then her vicious laughter at the end is so appalling that people could think there's even a remote possibility of something good in her, that she could represent the people or even women. There's nothing creative or feminine about this woman. She's just cold to the core.
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She's was voted number one most admired women for several years in a row and people don't know better because they're not telling them, they're doing all these things. Some people say "Oh, she's so intelligent." "Yeah, she's also a monster." Being intelligent doesn't mean that you're going to be benevolent or that you have a constructive bone in your body. She is a political animal. Her whole reason for being is to accrue power. That's so much of what her relationship with Bill is based on. "Okay, now it's your turn." "Okay, now it's my turn." People need a better understanding of what this person is.

One of her initiatives under Obama was the New American Civic Century. On the surface it was pretty words, relations with China but underneath it was all so-called containment of China. With what we've been reading in the news these past months, that whole plan is just blown away. China is forming all these new relationships with countries like Vietnam and Taiwan. It's encouraging to see these new worlds being built despite what the United States has been trying to accomplish over these past years.

We know that the direction is not going to change no matter who is installed as President of the United States. There are power relationships underneath and behind so it doesn't really matter who is in office.

That's all for this week, we hope you picked up a thing or two. Next week the guest is Tammi Stefano who will be talking about child protective services and some of the things she has uncovered. The dark underbelly of child welfare.

So until then take care!