The Bermuda Triangle is famous for its mystery and the deadliness as whoever goes near the place vanishes into thin air.
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Missing... the El Maratonga.
It has swallowed three more men who were sailors and had boarded on a dream trip of sailing across the Atlantic. These unfortunate men were named as Raul Enriquez, Pablo Sebastian, and Raul Echevarria.

They are supposed to be drowned after disappearing ten days into the journey as they sailed in the vicinity of the peculiar region which has taken in dozens of boats and planes along with the lives of several many within these boats and planes.

An eerie thing happened following the men's disappearance which is that one of the men's skype account came online 15 days ago i.e. two months after these sailors first lost contact. They were of Argentinian origin.

There are reports from the sailors who were passing by that the unfortunate ship was heard on the radio waves but still there whereabouts are hitherto unknown.

They were on their way to Portugal, been in their Atlantic journey for almost two weeks when they disappeared from the radar screens. They had started their journey from Virginia, United States, and 90 days ago on July 13th.

The speculations are that the sailors were close to the 500,000 square mile Bermuda triangle when they suddenly disappeared.