US playing a deceptive game with its coalition.
Lavrov: "Russia has information that the US knows the position of the IS, but does not bomb them"

Russia has information that the US know the specific location points of the "Islamic State" (extremist organization banned in Russia), but did not give an order to strike on the positions "of the IS," said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In the program Sunday Times on Channel 1, Lavrov said that the US government "was not originally very careful in creating a coalition, or conspired towards goals that were not the declared ones."

According to the foreign minister, the coalition was created spontaneously, "within just a few days it was announced that it includes a number of countries and then begun strikes."

Lavrov said that the analysis of aviation operations in countries included in the coalition, "creates a strange impression," - as if in addition to fighting "the IS" "there is something else which is a concern of the coalition."

The minister said: "I hope not to disappoint anyone in saying that some of our colleagues from the incoming coalition of countries have information on where exactly and on what positions are "IS" or other subdivisions, and the commander of the coalition (the United States ) does not give consent to striking them. "