explosion fire phoenix
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Explosions have been reported in Phoenix, Arizona, where a massive fire involving hazardous material has engulfed a structure and triggered evacuations in the area, according to local media.

The cause of the fire is not known at the moment, but the flames are burning at a local tar plant, according to CBS News.

"Multiple explosions" were generated by the fire, AZ Family reported. Fire officials also stated that multiple storage tanks were destroyed.

Additionally, fire officials said barrels have flown through the air as projectiles, according to local ABC 15.

Large plumes of black smoke can be seen rising into the air and are visible for miles.

Located near 19th Avenue and Broadway, the fire has also spawned fireballs that have spouted from the smoke every few seconds, AZ Family reported.

Local businesses have been evacuated by the fire department in response, and people have been told to steer clear of the area.

At least 40 firefighting units have been deployed to battle the flames, according to the Arizona Republic.

Twenty hazardous material officials are also at the scene, the fire department said.