100 goats perish in Ragapur village
At least 100 goats have perished displaying symptoms of cold and fever at Ragapur village in Sirpur (U) mandal in the last four days spreading panic among the Gonds. "We are unable to understand what ails the goats," wondered Pendur Geeta one of whose goats fell ill two days back. Kanaka Sonabai, the local Asha workers and some other villagers informed the animal husbandry department of the disease which seems to be endemic as of now.

The veterinarian did respond but failed in saving the goats the loss being valued at over Rs. 4 lakh in terms of money.

According to villagers the goats seemed to have contracted the disease while grazing in the nearby open lands. "The animals developed the symptoms only in the night after returning from grazing," Geeta disclosed.