The mutant animal had two heads, two snouts, two mouths and four eyes
A two-headed calf was discovered in the womb of a dead cow in the town of Yatytay in the Itapua region of Paraguay in South America.

The mutant animal who had two heads, two snouts, two mouths and four eyes as well as his mother was dead.

The cow was seven months pregnant when it was killed and sent to a butchery, where an unusual animal was discovered.

Locals said that they had never seen anything like it in the area before. The remains of the animal were transferred to the Veterinary School of San Juan to study.

Polycephalys is a condition of having more than one head. There are many occurrences of multi-headed animals, in real life.

However, such animals survive poorly in the wild, though some have been reported to live a full life and even reproduced with the offspring born normal.

Mutation in animals is becoming quite normal nowadays as more and more weird creatures appear in different parts of the world: a goat with six legs, a two-headed cow, a piglet who was born with 8 legs, a lamb born with four eyes, two noses and two mouths, a cyclops lamb with only one eye, a two-headed snake and many more.

Source: Daily Star (UK)