"Hösten är här - de fick ingen sommar," reads the headline. "Fall is here - they had no summer."

A few days ago, we jumped from the spring right to autumn, says this story out of Sweden.

In Tarfala in Norrbotten was never any summer this year. Two days ago there was snow on the highest peaks, says Erik Holmlund of Tarfala Research. There is more snow than it has been for a long time.

The meteorological definition of fall is that the average daily temperature should be between zero and ten degrees for five days in a row, as has happened in Tarfala and also in Stekenjokk in Västerbotten.

It is rare to places skip a season in Sweden. When that happens, it is done in the mountains, according to meteorologist Alexandra Ohlsson at SMHI.

August 1 was the break point where spring directly transferred to the fall.

On the three other stations, Hemavan Sylarna and Blåhammaren, is the "undetermined season" - they have neither the meteorological summer or autumn.

Should we get five consecutive days with summer temperatures where we say that summer has arrived, says Ohlsson.

Thanks to Peter F for this link