A two-headed snake
This incredibly rare and slightly terrifying two-headed snake has turned up at a Chinese zoo.

The triple-ended serpent was born ten days ago on a snake farm in Yulin southern China, run by a breeder known only as Mr Huang.

He brought the mutant Chinese Cobra to Nunning Zoo, where it is still alive despite refusing to eat or drink.

Both of the heads have their own brain and sometimes try and move in different directions, reports the People's Daily Online.

In the past two-headed snakes have been known to attack, kill and even eat each other.

Li Keqi, from Nunning Zoo, said: "The snake has been alive for 10 days now and has been with us for two, during which time it has already changed its skin once.

"But even though the snake is stable condition now, there is no way of telling whether it will be able to live on, as it still does not eat or drink water."