The gritter was spotted this morning
Snow has been forecast for parts of Scotland tomorrow - as commuters spotted a gritter on the roads in East Scotland.

The Mountain Weather Information Service has forecast showers and hail for parts of the Southeastern Highlands, with the possibility of snow on the highest peaks.

The weather service also predicts that temperatures will drop as low as 3C, with a "slight frost" expected in areas around Loch Tay, Loch Rannoch and the southern Cairngorms.

Meanwhile drivers on the east coast A90 have spotted a gritter on the roads - as councils prepare for the onset of winter after summer appears to have passed Scotland by.

The forecasts come as figures show that some areas in Scotland have had more than double the average expected rainfall for July.

Perth has had 225% of the rainfall usually expected for the month.

And Dundee has endured a July 196% wetter than average, whilst Glasgow and Edinburgh have had 183% and 133% more rain than usual.

Temperatures have also been "autumnal", with some weather services claiming that June was on track to be the coldest summer month in 40 years.

Although it is unclear whether the gritter is spreading - commenters were quick to note that it was an early sighting of the council trucks.

The photographer who captured the image captioned it: "On the A90 this morning. Yes that's a gritter and this is July."

One wry online commenter said it was clearly on a "practice run for August" whilst another resigned Scot added: "Just a normal summer for us."

Another, Steven Winter, added: "It won't be gritting, it will be getting road testing done to make sure it is fully functional - I know as I drive them.

"The gritting rota runs for 9 months - yes 9 months - in Scotland! Only June, July and August are exempt because it summer. Then we only need mops and sponges."