© Denis Agcaoili, ABS-CBN News IlocosA two-headed piglet was born in Dingras, Ilocos Norte.
A piglet with two heads was born in Barangay San Marcos, Dingras, Ilocos Norte on Tuesday evening.

The piglet, which had four eyes, two noses and three ears, died around nine hours after it was born.

According to Crisanta Sabug, the two-headed piglet was the fourth to be born by her pet pig on Tuesday night.

Sabug narrated that they helped her pet pig during delivery after they noticed that it was having difficulty giving birth to the fourth piglet.

She said they were surprised when they saw that the piglet had two heads.

It was the only one born with defects among 10 piglets, she said.

Sabug said they immediately brought the two-headed piglet to their house and fed it milk.

Unfortunately, the piglet died Wednesday morning.

According to veterinarian Arthur Cabello, the piglet's mother may have suffered pregnancy complications which resulted in the abnormality.

Sabug, meanwhile, said they will not bury the piglet. Instead, they will have it preserved.

She believes the two-headed piglet will bring luck to her family.