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The head of Germany's Left Party (Die Linke) has suggested that security services were responsible for the violent scenes that broke out during the 'Blockupy' protest in Frankfurt last month.

Die Linke leader, Gregor Gysi, said he wanted to find out who was responsible for the violence at the demonstration, which was held on March 18 in response to the opening of the European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt.

"I'm no conspiracy theorist. But I always have the impression that certain police informants stir up violence in order to kill off the political issues."

Gysi suggested infiltrators who wanted to turn the attention away from the political issues could be responsible for starting violence.

"Afterwards we only talk about the violence and never about the actual political issues," he added.

Despite the largely peaceful protest, the violent scenes, which included images of burning police vehicles and smoke-filled streets of Frankfurt, took many by surprise in both Germany and abroad.

Bernd Riexinger, another senior Die Linke figure backed Gysi's comments, suggesting there were people actively working to cause trouble at left-wing demonstrations.

"There is also evidence to suggest that there are agents provocateur at work [in the left-wing protest movement]," he said on Monday.

Fresh Protests and Extra Police

The comments come amid fresh concerns of violence with further protests planned for the meeting of G7 foreign ministers in the German city of Lübeck, which takes place today and tomorrow.

Die Linke is among a number of groups supporting the protests, but leader Gregor Gysi warned those taking part should do so peacefully.

"I believe the protests to be worthwhile because they are against a mistaken path in global politics."

"Over and over again, we see politicians choosing the path of war. But with war, people are never helped. It is also right that the demonstrations are against the power of the finance system."