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Several months ago there was a measles outbreak among the Amish where 383 people were infected, and (as usual) nobody came even close to death. The media hardly expressed concern except to criticize the Amish for not being vaccinated. Now comes the Disneyland infection and suddenly it's a national security threat. The issue of mandating vaccines is being broadcast widely, almost as if we are dealing with a conspiracy of creating a crisis in order to justify squashing the anti-vaccine movement.

Why should the issues of measles raise such a fuss? Measles isn't even lethal except to the few people who are very old or immunocompromised and at risk from dozens of other minor threats. I can remember the time when we used to visit the homes of people with the Measles or Chicken Pox in order to get infected early and gain permanent immunity after recovery. It was widely known that this builds the immune system's ability to handle diseases in general.

The anti-vaccine movement is strong in the US and for good reason. 1) That vaccines have resulted in numbers of dead, damaged and autistic children is well established, though hotly denied by vaccine makers, government, and the medical establishment - despite hard evidence. 2) Vaccines have a spotty record of effectiveness and the "immunity" isn't permanent in most cases, hence the need for booster shots. 3) all the spotty benefits have to be weighed against the high level of danger inherent in vaccine ingredients including: foreign substances, toxic preservatives, and immune fooling adjuvants that cause many immune disorders that are often far worse than the vaccination target disease.

The medical journal, "Clinical Infectious Diseases," published the finding that measles is often contracted and spread by those who have been vaccinated against it, and that "(1) MMR vaccines are not meaningfully effective and (2) those that choose not to be vaccinated pose no additional threat to those who choose to be." The LA Times confirmed that the measles vaccine doesn't stop people from getting measles:

Even those who get the shots have a small risk of getting ill, especially if immunized in the 1980s or earlier. As the measles outbreak that started at Disneyland grew to at least 70 cases Wednesday, much of the attention has focused on how the vast majority of patients were not vaccinated for the highly contagious disease.

But some medical experts also have expressed concern about the five patients who contracted measles despite being fully vaccinated. Their cases point to a lesser-known aspect of the measles vaccine: That even those who get the shots have a small risk of getting sick, especially older people who were immunized in the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

Of course, rather than admit to vaccine ineffectiveness, their answer was "we need more booster shots." But the more you take of the MMR shot, the higher your risk, especially in children, of deadly reactions. As the Daily Sheeple reported,

Keira Driscoll, a 5-year-old girl, died of the flu just three days after she was vaccinated.

It makes you wonder if she contracted the virus from the shot in the first place. Vaccine Inserts say recipients are contagious for 28 days, but you can be sure no one in government or the media will be asking that question. They don't care about effectiveness or side effects. They have an ideological agenda to push, and it's "Government is charged with securing public safety."

But that's not right. Government's purpose is to keep people's rights from being violated, not to ensure safety, which is almost impossible to define and enforce. Besides, once you give a bureaucrat the responsibility to ensure everyone's safety, each person's individual liberty becomes a threat to his job, and puts him in the position of looking like he has failed if anyone has a problem or an accident.

I think this media blitz over the threat of measles is totally out of place and unnecessary. There is clearly an agenda here to discredit the anti-vaccine movement and force everyone into taking vaccines. California - ever the first to enact the worst and most draconian legal restrictions on liberty - has proposed eliminating all vaccine exemptions for kids attending public schools. What's next, no exemptions for anyone venturing out into the public realm? It's even become an issue for the nomination of presidential candidates.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie started it by saying correctly that parents should have some choice on whether to vaccinate their children. The AP says it is "a position he's taken before but one that drew a new level of attention amid a U.S. measles outbreak and his recent moves toward running for president. [Christie backpedaled quickly.] The political significance of Christie's remarks was amplified by his office a short time later, when it released a statement saying the governor believes "with a disease like measles there is no question kids should be vaccinated." [Actually, with a non-lethal disease, there's no questions it should NOT be mandatory!].

Brian Snyder of Reuters commented on how the vaccine issue is being offloaded on other candidates besides Christie:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul, an eye doctor, said in a Monday radio interview that parents should have some input on vaccines for their children because "I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines."

Hillary Rodham Clinton, sent out a Tweet: "The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let's protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest." [Typical demagoguery - if you make a false claim of "this is established science" long enough most will believe it.]

The CDC is lying when it claims the measles vaccine is 97% effective, and the very establishment, "The Verge" magazine, took additional hits at the anti-vaccine crowd when it said that, "The anti-vaccination movement has proven frustratingly difficult to stop, even when it deals exclusively in conspiracy and long-debunked studies [most have not been debunked - if you look at the specifics]. The source text for the movement is a retracted study by a disgraced British doctor [Wakefield stands by the conclusions of his study despite the establishment attempts to discredit him] purporting to show health risks associated with the measles vaccine, yet no number of studies debunking its claims have been able to change the minds of anti-vaxxers. [That's because there is still powerful evidence of the vaccine/autism link, including the first-hand experience of thousands of parents who see the damage to their babies and children after taking vaccines.]

The last thing the movement needs is the legitimacy of political debate and a call to hear both sides. [It's not rare that liberals try and silence the opposition, but it is rare (and telling) to see a liberal actually admit in print they don't want to hear both sides!] Though it might seem like an odd fit for a conservative politician - the current outbreak is traced to a trend among parents in wealthy, well-educated, and generally liberal areas of California - anti-vaxxers also frequently base their stance on religious ground or freedom from government meddling. One study shows that willingness to get vaccinated correlates with trust in government. [Indeed, and that's no compliment. Those that trust government these days are blind, naive, and not listening to the warning voice of conscience.]

I'm actually surprised the establishment chose a very minor measles outbreak to push the concept of mandatory vaccinations. The issue of giving the state the power to inject you with unproven and unsafe vaccines against your will is a bigger threat than measles or any vaccine, at least to your liberty. It's what I call an "unlimited extension of lawmaking power." If they can mandate you do anything for your own safety, there is no limit to what they can force upon you.

Every person has an absolute right to their own body and anything that goes into it. Take good note of the following, and be prepared to use it when they bring up the safety argument:

1) The US Government Has Paid out $3 Billion to Vaccine-Injured Americans Since 1989, and almost 90 percent of victims with serious side effects are deterred from reporting or even making a claim. Doctors are trained to deny any evidence of vaccine linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

2) The Polio vaccine is contaminated with monkey cancer virus

3) A 5 Year old girl contracted shingles (severe nerve damage) after chickenpox vaccination

4) The MMR vaccine has been shown to give baby monkeys autism

5) In the New York measles outbreak 90% were vaccinated for measles.

6) There are thousands of SIDS deaths linked to vaccines administered a few days before, and many more thousands of screaming babies with high fevers and permanent damage.

Here's a real life and death story about vaccines and babies by Jeffry John Aufderheide of

Many parents regret not researching vaccines before trusting others to make that decision for them [especially their doctor]. This mother received proof her son Nicholas plausibly died from the vaccines and she wants to remind parents how important it is to be your own advocate and to do your own research.

Nicholas Lee Copenhaver, passed away less than 3 days after receiving the 4 month vaccines. His death was ruled SIDS on the autopsy report. At the time the autopsy was done, the pathologist was unaware he had been recently vaccinated because he was not told.

In a later report requested by the mother to file a vaccine injury claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the neuropathologist clearly stated that, in his opinion, vaccines were the likely cause of his death. He does state in the neuropathology report that he was unaware of the vaccines at the time of the autopsy.

His mother Amanda Copenhaver, who works in healthcare [and trusted the medical establishment] said, On Friday morning July 12, 2013 I took my son in for his 4 month well-baby checkup. The doctor gave him 7 vaccines - DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota. He was cranky of course after, but doctors tell you to give Tylenol and teach you that these reactions are normal.

Saturday, he was still fussy and tired and didn't nurse as much as usual. Sunday night, I dropped him off at a very close friend's house around 10pm, so that I could go to work. Not knowing that this was the last time I'd see my son alive. My friend said he never went to bed without a fight with her, but that night she said, he fell asleep on his own. She said he woke in the middle of the night so she got up with him. She fell asleep in the recliner holding him. When she woke up, he was gone.

There are many other well documented anti-vaccines websites on the internet to help you make informed choices. I thinking the risks are way too high and won't personally take any vaccines, period. I rely instead on really good nutrition (Westin A. Price foundation), and regular aerobic exercise to build a powerful immune system.

For you who do the same, it's going to take some real courage to fight this mandate when it comes down, so start preparing now to stay out of the medical system and the public schools, whatever the price. Yes, it can be done. Our family has done it for years. There will be a witch-hunt on for non-vaccinated homeschooled kids, and doctors will soon be asking for proof any time you come into their offices.

Comment: For more on the immunity boosting ketogenic diet see: The Ketogenic Diet - An Overview

If you admit to refusing vaccines, you run the risk of having Child Protective Services show up at your door to collect your children. So, learn to avoid contact with the medical establishment. Teach your children self control and good nutrition so they don't have accidents and illness that requires hospitalization. I know that's tough counsel but the precedent of taking children from parents for medical reasons has already started. Don't depend on the courts to protect your rights.