Nataliya Vitrenko
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Nataliya Vitrenko
The Ukrainian war has lasted close to a year now. Those who have followed it will know the names of many of the men in this conflict. Names from the junta such as Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Kolomoisky or from the Donbass resistance such as Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky, Strelkov, Givi, Motorola, Bezler etc. are familiar. What is not so familiar are the names of some very courageous women who have spoken out despite the odds of grave consequences. They deserve respect and to be known especially as they have spoken out against the war from within Kiev-controlled Ukraine.

One of these is Nataliya Vitrenko, who is a Doctor of Economics and a Ukrainian politician, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party and head of the Ukrainian women's organization "Gift of Life".

It is clear that Vitrenko is well aware of the game that the West plays in Ukraine and the fact that she is stating it so clearly is a threat to the Ukrainian government. She made a similar appeal to the UN, EU and the US on January 27th 2014 not to support the fascist coup that she saw was about to take the place. After this latest video appeal, calls have been made from the very top to silence her.

Another woman who has spoken out is a Deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk city council, Victoria Shilova, who is also leader of the antiwar movement in Ukraine. This is the appeal to reason that she made in August 2014 and as a result of which she is likely facing a 8 year prison sentence for opposing the war. The video appeal has the title: "Do Ukrainians want war?"

As she says in the video:
Anything can happen in Ukraine today, because we replaced thieves with killers!
A few days ago (28th of January 2015) a female Ukrainian MP from the opposition bloc, Yulia Levochkina urged Europe to stop the current Ukrainian government from inciting war. She did this at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE):
Yulia Levochkina
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Ukrainian MP Yulia Levochkina urged Europe to stop the current Ukrainian government from inciting war.
"Today the government is led by the party of war, which seeks to continue the war. And the Secretary of the Security and Defense Council, Alexander Turchinov, has a nickname "The Bloody pastor," said Levochkina.

She also encouraged the Europeans to stop the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia.

"Our assembly should resist the Ukrainian government, which is trying to build a wall between Ukraine and Russia," said Levochkina to the delegates and reminded that it is the fault of the current government that the parliamentary elections did not take place in Crimea and Donbass.
The fact of expressing her opinion so clearly enraged the war camp in Ukraine:
Supporters of the Ukrainian authorities were extremely enraged in the social networks by the words of Levochkina and demanded the government to "deal with her according to the laws of wartime."
The very fact of being in the opposition in Ukraine carries a great threat of intimidation, aggression and worse. An example is seen in the following video from October 2014 of the treatment of a woman from the opposition party in Dneprpetrovsk.

Despite the above statements having been on Youtube and with English subtitles, the Western media has been completely silent about them. The West talks a lot about gay rights and free speech a la "JeSuisCharlie", but they are very much absent in their support for peace and those who speak out against war. One wonders if the West is only interested in supporting narcissistic, infantile girls like Pussy Riot and FEMEN. Both those groups are just tools for the regime changers.

It is encouraging and refreshing to see these women speak up against the evil that is happening. Hopefully they will serve as examples for others to speak up and say no to this horror that is unfolding. Because it is only by uniting and speaking up and sharing the truth about what is happening that we can defeat the lies masquerading as truth.

The last words belong to Natalia Vitrenko who, in an address at the Schiller Institute in April 2013, outlined the path of destruction that Ukraine has taken since its vaunted "independence" and uttered these prophetic words:
Integrating Ukraine into the Eurasian Union created by Russia and the other post-Soviet countries is the only possibility for Ukraine to preserve its statehood, to have an upsurge of the national economy to a new qualitative level, to preserve the civilizational choice of our people, and to protect the country from destabilization, a Nazi coup, and civil war.