In Saudi Arabia, bloggers are condemned to 1,000 lashes of the whip and 10 years in prison for 'insulting Islam'. In 'Socialist' France, we arrest children and lock them up before putting them under investigation for 'incitement to terrorism'.

Since the attacks of 7 January, a collective air of madness has descended on France. The Ministry of injustice has opened more than 100 cases into "justifications for terrorism", about 10 per day. 30 people have already been convicted, more than were convicted for anything similar in the last 20 years.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and France's Union of Magistrates have denounced this totalitarian drift. They are the only organizations in the Western hemisphere to have done so.

France's Patriot was voted into existence just before the attacks

The law of November 13, 2014 that allows our great democracy to arrest, and convict, all who have the misfortune of expressing a few dangerous words, starting with children.

In article 421-4-5, the law establishes that a criminal offense of incitement to terrorism is punishable by 5 years imprisonment and a € 75,000 fine. The use of the Internet is considered an aggravating circumstance, punishable by 7 years in prison and a € 100,000 fine.

On January 12, Christiane Taubira sent a memo around calling on prosecutors to "act firmly" for all offenses committed in the wake of the attacks.

For those who had doubts about the independence of the judiciary, they have been confirmed. Prosecutors now represent the armed wing of the ruling Socialist political power, of that there can be no doubt.

Particularly targeted children

In addition to an impressive series of sentences thus far are people who were: intoxicated at the time; have learning difficulties; a reckless driver; a mother; municipal employees; and children, who, judging by the numbers, have become our dear leaders' main target.

In Nantes, a girl takes the tram with her sisters and a friend. Ticket inspectors introduce themselves and ask them for their tickets. After a verbal altercation, the youngest allegedly launches into a tirade, saying "We are the Kouachi sisters, we will come back with Kalashnikovs." The inspectors call the police, the sisters were put under arrest, and then presented to a judge who immediately finds her guilty of 'incitement to terrorism'. She was 14 years old.

Still in Nantes, a high school student publishes on his Facebook wall a caricature he finds particularly "funny", in his words. In July 2013, Charlie Hebdo published a cover that shows an Egyptian getting riddled with bullets while holding up Quran in front of himself, with the caption "The Quran is crap, it does not stop bullets." The high school student found on the Internet, and shared on his own wall, a parody of the cartoon. It shows a character resembling Stéphane Charbonnier, Hebdo's chief editor, holding up that same issue of the magazine while he is being riddled with bullets, along with the caption: "Charlie Hebdo is crap, it does not stop bullets."

A few days later, the school-kid was arrested by police at his home and detained until the next day. He was found guilty of incitement to terrorism and placed under supervised release. He was 16 years old.

When teachers become police auxiliaries

The palm hysteria undoubtedly return to school head who will recognize. The story is told by a teacher in charge of receiving the miners brought in immediate appearance.

On Thursday, January 8, a schoolteacher held a minute of silence with her class for the victims of the attacks. On Friday, the same teacher suggested to her students that they have a debate about what had happened. Not realizing that this setting was more a trap than a sincere willingness to openly discuss the hard issues, one child raised his hand and said: "They [the gunmen, presumably - Ed.] were right."

Instead of asking for the student to elaborate, then listen and use the opportunity to teach the kid something important, like any good teacher should have done, the student was ordered immediately: "If you think that, then get out of my class."

What happened next is mind-blowing.

The student goes to the Senior Advisor for Education, who explains why it is forbidden to think that terrorists "were right."

On Sunday, the child goes to his regular soccer game, where another moment of silence is held for the victims. "It was good, we all stood around," he says.

Monday morning at school, he was summoned to the principal. Tuesday morning, he is re-summoned. The child apologizes and expresses regret.

On Tuesday, the principal summons him again, this time with his parents. He tells them that their child is to be expelled for a week, "as a precautionary measure". Meanwhile the Disciplinary Board meets, whose decision could mean permanent exclusion.

On Wednesday, the principal brings charges against the child to the police.

On Thursday, the child and his parents go to the police station "to be heard."

The child is then arrested and taken into police custody.

He then spends 24 hours in prison in our great Socialist republic.

Friday morning, handcuffed, he is presented to the judge for an indictment of 'advocating terrorism'.

At 14, most kids think more about girls and sports than politics. However, at 14, this particular child will have known confinement in a cell, being placed under arrest - with handcuffs, sirens blazing and all, and a hearing before a judge... for muttering three words.

Three words that will likely earn him a conviction that will follow him throughout his life. Three words that earned him the privilege of being ranked alongside the perpetrators of terrorist offenses. Three words that have basically ended his life.

What is particularly shocking in this story, besides the totally disproportionate nature of the procedure in view of the age of the alleged 'future terrorist', was the trap set by the school, which is supposed to educate and protect children.

This child did not ask anyone anything. He did not express himself publicly, not even on the Internet. He simply answered a question asked of him by his teacher.

While the school should be a place of education, explanation, and dialogue, our Socialist rulers, though aided by some zealous officials, are in the process of transforming it into a place of denunciation and repression, soon to be a large re-education camp for the country's 12 million children.

The biggest heist in history after the September 11

In the name of preserving freedom of expression, the Socialist government is trying to achieve the biggest heist in the history of our fundamental freedoms. Just as Bush did in the U.S. after September 11, 2001.

The reasoning is this: the terrorists wanted to silence Charlie Hebdo and thus freedom of expression. Those who do not condemn the terrorists are therefore against freedom of expression. They should be judged, imprisoned and deprived of liberty, including their freedom of speech. Does that make sense? No, it is totalitarian, stupid and totally inconsistent - in short, socialist.

Comment: More accurately, it is psychopathic.

Double standards? Yes, precisely, it's exactly that. When a child says three words too many, he is crushed, destroyed, and marked for life with a hot iron. In the meantime, Charlie Hebdo has published a new caricature that caused dozens of deaths, riots in several countries, French flags to be burned throughout the world... this, they tell us, is called "freedom of expression".

They did not kill Charlie

Charlie Hebdo is not dead. With over 7 million copies at € 3 a pop, they are picking up the equivalent of several years of turnover with a single issue.

Liberty died this January 7, 2015. Manuel Valls, future candidate of the Socialist primaries for the next presidential elections, warned the children: "Your generation must learn to live with this danger for a number of years". Taking advantage of the attacks, the socialist government is putting in place the most repressive policies applied in France since the Vichy regime.

Their goal is simple. After having imposed on the country a minute of silence, they will impose two and a half years of silence, the time it will take to reach the next presidential elections. I will not make you any drawings for this article, it has become too dangerous to draw. Either you fall under a hail of terrorists' bullets, or you fall into the jails of the 'secular, socialist republic'.

The dictatorship is now.