Damascus, Syria
The snowstorm starting Tuesday - the strongest for many years - is forecast to hit all of Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, and will have consequences for Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other countries. The snowstorm is expected to continue until the end of the week.


Al Aan - 6 Jan 2015 - A number of Arab countries are preparing after meteorologists revealed the coming snowstorms.

In Palestine, meteorologists predict that winds will be hurtling from the cold polar region, so that the snow is likely to fall over the mountain highlands.

In Lebanon, the storm, which started last night, is expected to last until after Thursday. Dubbed "Accessories polar," it will be the first Lebanese storm this year.

As for Jordan, the storm is expected to bring snowfall to large parts of the country. Snow will cover large areas of the provinces of the Kingdom.

Authorities in these countries are intensifying their efforts to warn citizens in order to mitigate the effects of the storm. They are advising families to go the shops to buy necessities before the snow accumulation hinders their movements.

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