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Activists of the Svoboda (Freedom) and Right Sector Ukrainian nationalist parties hold torches as they take part in a rally to mark the 106th birth anniversary of Stepan Bandera, one of the founders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), in Kiev January 1, 2015.
An estimated 2,500 neo-Nazis decided to take to the streets of Kiev on the 1st of January and commemorate the birthday of the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, holding a torchlight procession in his honor. The fanatics carried portraits of Bandera as well as flags of the Svoboda and the Right Sector parties, shouted slogans such as: "Glory to the nation! Death to enemies!", "Ukraine belongs to Ukrainians" and "Bandera will return and restore order." The hooligans also assaulted and robbed Russian reporters in front of the police! Welcome to the new democratic Ukraine, brought to you by the U.S. and their 'partners' in the EU.

The Czech President Milos Zeman was appalled after watching the video of the demonstrations, saying that there was "something very wrong with Ukraine", as well as with the EU, which "doesn't condemn such rallies".
"The parade itself attempted to replicate Nazi torchlight parades where participants shouted the slogan: 'Death to the Poles, Jews and communists without mercy," Zeman explained.
In recent months the Western media has repeatedly excused or ignored the presence of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine and asserted that any such allegation were 'Russian propaganda'.

Below are a few more photos from the rally. Judge for yourself.
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Stepan Bandera, the man that the regime in Kiev considers their hero, was one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). The organization collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II and was involved in the ethnic cleansing of Russians, Poles and Jews. The following is a list of atrocities commited against civilians by this organization.

  • Nailing a big thick nail into the skull.
  • Scalping (tearing away of skin and hair from the head).
  • Hitting the skull with the handle of an axe.
  • Hitting the forehead with the handle of an axe.
  • Carving out an "eagle" on the forehead.
  • Nailing a bayonet into the temple of a victim.
  • Knocking-out of an eye.
  • Knocking-out of both eyes.
  • Amputation of the nose.
  • Amputation of an ear.
  • Amputation of both ears.
  • Spearing a child with a stake.
  • Transfixing the head with a sharpened thick wire stretched from one ear to another.
  • Amputation of lips.
  • Amputation of the tongue.
  • Slitting the throat.
  • Slitting the throat and pulling out the tongue through the wound.
  • Slitting the throat and inserting a snip into the wound.
  • Knocking-out teeth.
  • Breaking the jaw.
  • Tearing off the mouth from ear to ear.
  • Stuffing the mouth with tow while transporting still alive victims.
  • Slitting the neck with a knife or a sickle.
  • Striking the neck with an axe.
  • Сleaving the head with an axe.
  • Rotating the head 180 degrees backwards.
  • Crushing the head, gripped in a vice, tightening the clamps around it.
  • Decapitation with a sickle.
  • Decapitation with a scythe.
  • Decapitation with an axe.
  • Stabbing the neck with an axe.
  • Inflicting stab wounds to the head.
  • Slicing off narrow strips of skin from the back.
  • Inflicting other types of chopped wounds to the back.
  • Sticking the back with a bayonet.
  • Breaking ribs.
  • Hitting with a knife or a bayonet at heart or near it.
  • For women - amputation of the bust with a sickle
  • Amputation of the bust and sprinkling the wounds with salt.
  • For men - amputation of genitalia with a sickle.
  • Sawing the body of a victim in half with a carpenter saw.
  • Inflicting stab wounds to the body of a victim with a knife or a bayonet.
  • Piercing pregnant woman's belly with a bayonet.
  • For adults - slitting the belly and pulling out the intestines.
  • Slitting the belly of a woman in late pregnancy and replacing the foetus, for instance with a cat or a rabbit, with subsequent suturing up of the wound.
  • Slitting the belly and pouring boiling water inside.
  • Slitting the belly, putting stones inside of it and throwing the victim into the river.
  • Slitting the belly of a pregnant woman, filling it up with broken glass shards.
  • Pulling out the sinews from groin to heels.
  • Inserting red-hot iron rods into vagina or anus.
  • Inserting pine cones, narrow tip forward, into victim's vagina.
  • Inserting a sharpened stake into the vagina and pushing it until it comes out at the throat.
  • Slitting a female torso with garden scissors, from the vagina to the neck, pulling the intestines out.
  • Hanging a victim up by the intestines.
  • Insertion of a glass bottle into the vagina, and breaking the bottle.
  • Insertion of a glass bottle into the anus, and breaking the bottle.
  • Slitting the belly, filling it with animal feed, exposing a victim to starving pigs which eat the feed along with victim's intestines.
  • Chopping off an arm with an axe.
  • Chopping off both arms with an axe.
  • Piercing the palm of the hand with a knife.
  • Amputation of fingers with a knife.
  • Amputation of a hand.
  • Burning the palm of a hand on a superheated coal furnace.
  • Chopping off the heel of a foot.
  • Chopping off the whole foot.
  • Fracturing hand bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  • Fracturing leg bones with a blunt instrument at multiple points.
  • Sawing a torso, restrained by planks, half-and-half with a carpenter saw.
  • Sawing a torso half-and-half with a rip saw.
  • Amputation of both legs with a saw.
  • Sprinkling red-hot coal over tied legs.
  • Nailing hands to a table, and feet to the floor.
  • Nailing the victim's hands and feet to the cross in a Catholic church.
  • Striking the back of a head with an axe, victims put lying on the ground.
  • Inflicting axe wounds all over the body.
  • Quartering of the whole body with an axe
  • Breaking bones of lower and upper extremities with a specially invented device.
  • Nailing a small child's tongue to a table, so that the child is hanged up by the tongue.
  • Quartering a child with a knife, throwing the body parts all around.
  • Tearing open a child's belly.
  • Nailing a small child to a table with a bayonet.
  • Hanging a male child by his genitalia from a door handle.
  • Knocking out the leg joints of a child.
  • Knocking out the arm joints of a child.
  • Smothering a child by rags put over the face.
  • Throwing a live child into a deep well.
  • Throwing a live child into a burning house.
  • Smashing babies' heads by dashing them, held by the feet, against a wall or a furnace.
  • Impaling a child on a stake.
  • Hanging a monk up by his feet at the pulpit in a Catholic church.
  • Hanging a woman up by her feet on a tree, followed by amputation of bust and tongue, tearing open her belly, gouging her eyes and cutting out pieces of her flesh with a knife.
  • Nailing a small child to a door.
  • Hanging a victim up on a tree.
  • Hanging a victim up on a tree by the feet.
  • Throwing a victim into a lighted bonfire, while girls are dancing around and singing songs accompanied by live music from an accordionist.
  • Piercing a body with a stake, attaching it to the ground.
  • Tying a victim to a tree and shooting at him or her as at a target.
  • Taking a victim, naked or in only underwear, out in the severe frost.
  • Smothering a victim with a lathered noose.
  • Dragging a body on the ground, tied by a noose around the neck.
  • Tying up a woman with feet and hands to two trees, slitting her from groin to breast.
  • Tearing up the torso of a victim with chains.
  • Dragging a victim, tied to a carriage, along a roadway.
  • Dragging along the roadway a mother and her three small children - arranged in the following way: one leg of the mother is tied to the carriage; a leg of the eldest child is tied to the other leg of his mother; a leg of the younger child is tied to another leg of the eldest etc.
  • Transfixing a body with a carbine barrel.
  • Сonstriction of a victim with barbed wire.
  • Сonstriction of several victims together with barbed wire.
  • Recurrent tying up of a body with barbed wire and regularly drenching with ice water every few hours, in order to bring round the victim and to continue painful torture.
  • Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck and leaving them in such position.
  • Burying a victim in the ground up to the neck with subsequent decapitation with a scythe.
  • Tearing a victim apart by tying the body to two horses and driving them apart.
  • Throwing adults into a burning house.
  • Setting aflame a victim doused with flammable liquid.
  • Laying round a victim sheaves of straw, setting him or her aflame - so-called "Nero's torch".
  • Jabbing a knife into a victim's back, leaving it inside the wound.
  • Sticking a baby on a pitchfork and throwing it into the bonfire.
  • Cutting off the skin from a victim's face with a blade.
  • Nailing oak stakes along victim's rib bones.
  • Hanging a victim up on barbed wire.
  • Tearing the skin off the body of a victim, pouring ink or boiling water over the wounds.
  • Tying a victim to a pier, with subsequent using for knife-throwing practice.
  • Tying up the hands with barbed wire.
  • Inflicting mortal blows with a spade.
  • Nailing the hands to the threshold of a house.
  • Dragging a victim along the roadway with legs tied.