© WJLA file photoA meteor streaks across the night sky.
Lanham, Maryland - A green fireball was spotted in several states, including Virginia, Monday night.

WNEW received a call from a listener around 6:20 p.m. who said he saw what appeared to be a green and blue light larger than a shooting star cross the sky near I-66 W. He says it fell straight down and he was unsure at first if it was a plane that crashed.

Soon after the call, people in other parts of Va. and across the U.S. took to Twitter to describe their own meteor sightings.
Meteor sighting in #Reston area - greenish flash moments ago heading N to S over #Dulles Toll Road

(@Reston) November 03, 2014
I'm getting reports of the bright meteor i saw in Roanoke, VA....from Virginia to Ohio. It was incredibly bright.....#METEOR #SWVA

(@LeoHirsbrunner) November 03, 2014
Large green #Meteor falling straight down in the sky over Cincinnati just now I saw coming down Montana Across town hubby saw it on 5mile rd

Patricia R.U.N? (@PattyCincinnati) November 03, 2014
Saw the meteor in ky. Folks in Virginia say it was huge - it looked like a bottle rocket in lex ky fyi #meteor #green

(@DrewCurtis) November 03, 2014
@spann just saw something bright like a meteor come down onwards Talladega, coming home on Hwy 21 N... Anyone else see it?

Anna Williams (@angelanna81) November 03, 2014
The November 3 #meteor is clearly an omen that everyone needs to vote tomorrow.

Andrew Wilkins (@WillKey) November 03, 2014
The American Meteor Society received 21 reports about the fireball Monday evening from residents throughout the eastern portion of the country.

National Geographic reports that Wednesday is the peak of the Taurid meteor shower.