More than 700 students eat lunch at Warren East High School each day.
Someone posted a picture of Tuesday's lunch, and it spread on social media, causing concern among parents over the food's quality. "They said someone's mom posted it and said, 'This is what they're feeding my 6'3" boy,'" explained Khalil Brit, a junior at the high school. Several parents even contacted WBKO -- saying students leave hungry.

"In today's social media age nothing ceases to amaze me," said Rob Clayton, the superintendent of Warren County Public Schools. The next day (Wednesday) students said the picture on Facebook is not accurate. "Some people said it was stupid. Some said they saw it, but didn't really comment on it," said, Sabrina Bowman, another student at the high school. After seeing the photo, the superintendent stopped by for lunch.

"We want their feedback, and I've been pleasantly surprised when I spoke to dozens of students today. I can't find any individual who claims that yesterday's lunch was not good," Clayton said.Lunch plates were piled high, and when asked if they have enough to eat, students said yes.

"All the time, I'll be wanting to go to sleep as soon as I get done eating," Bowman said. "They'll let you get as much vegetables as you want," Brit said. Clayton said Warren County schools abide by federal regulations. "So what our food service folks do is look at those guidelines and then look at the best way to provide a healthy and tasty meal as well," Clayton said. He said students choose what goes on their plates, and picky eaters may turn down some menu items -- possibly explaining the photo posted online.

Lunch menus for Warren County Public Schools are available to the public on the district's website: