Even though Antarctic sea-ice extent has set yet another all-time record, I expect ever more hand-wringing articles about melting ice in desperate attempts to keep the global-warming scam alive.

How will this come about? I think we'll see the media focus their attention more and more on the West Antarctic Peninsula.

This subterfuge might work, because most people know next to nothing about Antarctica. They certainly don't realize that the West Antarctic Peninsula is only a small portion of that huge continent.

Take a look at this image (above) from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). It shows that ice-extent is far above normal around almost all of Antarctica.

However, in a few tiny areas, especially on the western side of the West Antarctic Peninsula, the ice extent is NOT above normal. I'm betting that this small area will be the focus of future articles.

In fact, I saw one such article just last week. The article, entitled "Antarctic fur seals feel climate impacts," bemoaned that fact that "sea ice in Antarctica's western sectors has been in sharp decline in recent years."

But here was the sneaky part. In parenthesis, almost as an afterthought, the author added the following words:
"(in contrast to other sectors)."

Yeah. Some contrast!

Watch for those articles. When they start talking about the ice melting in "western sectors" of Antarctica, hold onto your wallet.

Daily update of Antarctic sea-ice extent.

Thanks to Cameron Dale for this link