According to Russian news reports this giant 'hole' in the ground - possibly a sinkhole - was recently discovered in the Yamal Peninsula, northern Russia, during a helicopter flyover.

The exact date of discovery is unknown. It is claimed that the hole is so big that two helicopters could fly around inside it. Eyewitnesses say a powerful water flow is present at the bottom of the hole. Its depth is also unknown.

Russian media have speculated that the sinkhole could have been caused by a meteor impact. Note the apparently raised rim of earthen material around the hole, suggesting it was scattered around there after being ejected from below.

The material seems to have appeared recently, though not very recently. Vegetation has not yet grown on it, but it appears to have been weathered from exposure to air. Also, rainfall has made gulleys in the side of the 'crater', again suggesting that some time has passed since this feature appeared.