Along with summertime snow

19 June 2014 - On Tuesday, Northern Finland recorded the lowest temperature for this date since 1962, while large swathes of the country awoke to a blanket of white.

With temperatures running 10C (18F) below average for this time of year, parts of Lapland, northern Ostrobothnia and central Finland also saw snow.

The temperature fell to zero as far south as Virrat in Pirkanmaa.

The coldest June temperature in 50 years was recorded in Saanatunturi, Northern Finland, when the mercury dropped to minus 6.2C (20.8F).

During the months of midnight sun in Lapland, weather conditions are generally dry. However, snowfall was also observed in Yli-Ii, north of Oulu on Tuesday morning.

Summertime snow in Finland

Finland: Hail and snow fell in Häme - An unusually cold midsummer week.... unusually cold, sometimes even the exceptionally cold. (Is unusually cold when the phenomenon is observed less frequently than once every 10 years. Exceptional means it is observed only two or three times in a hundred years, says Simola.

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