Following massive rainfalls in Misiones, Argentina, and Santa Catarina and Paraná, Brazil, the famous Iguazú Falls are now overflowing, carrying 46,300 cubic meters per second - 33 times the usual water flow rate. The images and video are unbelievable. I hope you have your arks ready, my friends.

The previous record was in 1992, when the river reached 36,000 cubic meters per second, about 10,000 cubic meters per second less than the current flow rate. Authorities have closed the area.

This is how the famous Iguazú Falls normally look, with their usual flow rate of 1500 cubic meters per second:

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu falls 1
This is how they are looking right now at 46,300 cubic meters per second:
Iguazu falls Flood

Iguazu Falls flood 1

Iguazu Falls flood 2
It's absolutely insane. Check out this video:

It may get even worse because the rains continue in Brazil. According to local media, the Paraná river is quickly increasing its level too and it will overflow, flooding everything along its path. Reportedly, the Paraná's level has increased 16 meters in some areas.