© EPASir William Hague, the Impudent
On Tuesday evening, UK's Foreign Minister William Hague gave the world's diplomats a clinic in hypocrisy, asking Russia to foot the bill for Ukraine's economic recovery. After supporting an armed coup in Kiev, the British government has the audacity and insolence to suggest that Russia should pay to support the so-called "new authorities".

In a statement broadcasted by SkyNews, Hague said that it is not in Russia's interest to see Ukraine's economy collapse, claiming that what happened in Ukraine is not about creating "a binary choice" between Russia and the EU. That's a hypocritical statement. The whole armed mutiny against the legitimate authorities in Kiev was about tearing Ukraine from Russia and destroying any forms of economic cooperation between the two countries. The UK offered outright support to so-called "peaceful protesters" who shot the police, took the children and relatives of government officials as hostages and assaulted the parliament. Now, William Hague is trying to prove that the government formed with support from Ukrainian neo-nazis is a good partner for Russia. If Her Majesty's Government likes the new power in Kiev so much, then it should help it financially.

According to the calculations made by the country's "interim government", Ukraine requires at least 35 billion dollars in order to avoid default in 2014. It will be interesting to see whether the British public will agree to help the "young Ukrainian democracy" with their own money.

Russia's Ministry of Finance stated clearly that the Russian Federation has "no binding legal obligation to provide financial aid to Ukraine" so, the new "authorities" in Kiev will have a hard time convincing Moscow to finance a Russophobic regime supported by hard-core nationalists whose first move in power was to abolish the law punishing Nazi propaganda and revisionism.

For now, despite baroness Ashton, the EU's Commissioner for External Relations and William Hague's pleas addressed to Russia, Ukraine's new regime's best shot at getting financial aid is the IMF. History shows that the IMF's conditions are brutal and require severe budgetary austerity. Kiev's new rulers will have a hard time explaining to their supporters why the victory of the "democratic revolution" generated a sharp spike in poverty levels but it is certain that British spin doctors will help them out.