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Ukraine's Finance Ministry and National Bank, along with parliamentary speaker Aleksandr Turchinov, have suggested to the country's international partners - particularly Poland and the United States - that a financial assistance credit of around $35 billion be extended in the next week or two.

"During the last two days we have had consultations and meetings with ambassadors from the EU, USA, other countries, and financial organization over Ukraine getting urgent macro-financial aid," acting Finance Minister Yuriy Kolobov said in a statement issued on Monday.

Kiev is also proposing that there be a large international donors conference involving the European Union, the United States, Poland, the IMF, other countries, and international financial organizations on the extension of aid for modernization and reforms in Ukraine, as well as achieving an association agreement between the country and EU.

Ukraine goes bankrupt, its treasury is empty, head of Batkivshchina (Fatherland) faction Arseny Yatsenyuk told a meeting of parliamentary factions' leaders on Monday.

"Ukraine has never faced such a financial catastrophe for all years of its independence," he said, adding that Ukraine should immediately apply to the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance.

Yatsenyuk said he had met with the interim finance ministry. "I was given simply a frightful picture of the country's financial situation," he said. "We have no time. We must urgently form the government."

The mechanism for providing external financial assistance to Ukraine has been launched, but the speed of these processes will depend on the progress made on the formation of a new government, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of the Batkivshchina faction of the Ukrainian parliament, told a conciliatory council meeting held in the parliament on Monday.

"Everything depends on how quickly we form a government that will really be trusted by the people," he said. Yatsenyuk said he has discussed these issues with the US Secretary of the Treasury.

Ukraine hopes the price it pays for Russian gas will not change, Acting Energy Minister Eduard Stavytsky said on Monday, following the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich as president.

"We hope that the price (of Russian gas) will be stable," Stavytsky told Reuters by telephone.

Russia agreed in December to reduce the gas price for Kiev to $268.50 per 1,000 cubic metres, a cut of about one third from around $400 which Ukraine had paid since 2009. The reduction was part of a wider financial deal Moscow signed with Kiev after Ukraine spurned an EU trade deal.