bola de fuego
© TV3Meteorologist Eloi Cordomí explains during TV newscast Telenotícies that the fireball was seen from Catalonia and that it was caused by a meteor
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A meteor weighing between one and two kilograms (approx. 2-4 pounds) caught fire as it entered the atmosphere and was seen in several regions near the coast.

Last Saturday evening, a fireball crossed the sky over Catalonia, according to several eyewitness testimonies gathered by the meteorological services at TV3.

Meteorologist Eloi Cordomí explained during Sunday's TV newscast Telenotícies Migdia that it had probably been a bolide or a meteor weighing approximately 1 or 2 kilos. It had caught fire as it entered the atmosphere.

The phenomenon described by Mr. Cordomí and later reported by Nació Digital was visible from different areas in Girona, el Maresme, el Penedés and Tarragona.

Numerous Twitter users replied to the meteorologist's appeal for eyewitness accounts, and confirmed having seen the fireball from Tordera and Vilassar de Dalt as well.