In 1992 lAS conducted a survey on the health and vaccination status of New Zealand children. The questionnaires were distributed through lAS members, and member's friends and associates.

Such studies normally have inherent biases. In this study almost all the children were breastfed and babies were generally breastfed for longer than the majority of New Zealand babies. Many of the families surveyed included both vaccinated and unvaccinated children, suggesting that the parents developed an awareness of vaccination issues over time. However, many of the respondents were not members of lAS and the split between vaccinated and unvaccinated children was remarkably even.

While this was a very limited study, particularly in terms of the numbers of unvaccinated children that were involved and the range of chronic conditions investigated, it provides solid scientific evidence in support of considerable anecdotal evidence that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers.

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