An 87-year-old man who was known for his 6 million light Christmas display was found shot to death in his Windsor, Conn., home, police said.

A family member found John Chakalos dead in his home Friday, police said in a statement.

Police said they are conducting a homicide investigation because a weapon was not recovered at the scene, and due to the the way the victim's body was positioned.

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Chakalos and his late wife, Rita, who died in November, were known for their grand display at a home they owned in New Hampshire.

The display took up half of their 86-acre plot, caretaker Joy Washburn said.

The couple took donations for a local food pantry and allowed the public to drive through the estate and view the display, which included a life-size village, a 22-foot Santa and a Nativity scene.

"There isn't now in the woods a bush or a tree that doesn't get lights on it," Washburn said.

Source: UPI