Pandora Box
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The death of Jason Airey remains a mystery as officials are unable to determine what caused the 37-year-old's heart to stop shortly after opening a container labelled "Pandora's box."

Airey was discovered unconscious by his parents in the bedroom of their Carlisle, UK, home. He was reportedly taken to a hospital, where he passed away two days later.

According to coroner Robert Chapman, a post-mortem test showed that Airey's heart simply stopped beating, causing his organs to fail.

Chapman claims a toxicology report found no trace of drugs in Airey's system, although the opened "Pandora's box" did contain a small packet of unused synthetic cannabis.

His father, Dennis Airey, said Jason had been in a good mood that day when he returned home, "He was just his normal self."

But Airey's wife Anne grew concerned when her husband had been upstairs for a long time, and that's when they discovered him slumped over and blue in the face.

According to News & Star, his father thought the box had just been opened.

Chapman reports that there is no reason for Airey's early demise, "His heart stopping caused the death of his brain which caused multiple organ failure. We don't really know what caused his heart to stop."

Pandora's box is an artifact of Greek mythology that supposedly contained all the evils of the world. The fact that Airey's package was labeled as "Pandora's box," surrounds his death in even more mystery.