© AP Photo/NSW Rural Fire Service, James Morris
Firefighters are battling scores of wildfires in southeastern Australia as authorities evacuate national parks and warned that hot, dry and windy conditions were combining to raise the threat to its highest alert level.
Dozens of typhoons and cyclones slamming into Southeast Asia, Japan and India, record heat and hundreds of wildfires in Australia, record snow and rainfall in the Northern and Midwestern US states, mile-wide tornadoes in Nebraska, hundreds of dead dolphins washing up all along the U.S. Atlantic coast, a powerful earthquake in the Philippines... these are just some of the extreme weather and geological events that took place around the world in October 2013.

This series does not imply the world is ending! This video series just documents extreme weather and geological events that are leading to bigger Earth Changes. If you are following the series, then you are paying attention to the signs.

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