Snow Falling
© P Gosselin
Meteorologists warned us that snow was on the way and would fall below the 500 m elevation in southern Germany and elsewhere. Moreover, they warned us that this winter could be one of the worst in 100 years for Central Europe.

No one knows if it's really going to be such a winter, but one thing is sure: it sure is starting out like one! At least in parts of Central Europe. has put up a video (Schneefall auch in München) of snow falling in Munich this morning, October 11, 2013. Normally the first snow arrives in the Bavarian capital weeks later.

20 cm of snow

Online Die Welt here writes:
'It began to snow in the Bavarian capital of Munich yesterday evening at about 6 p.m. Many of my meteorologist colleagues had believed this to be improbable,' said meteorologist Dominik Jung: 'This year winter has struck early and unusually severely. South of Munich up to 20 centimeters of snow was able to pile up.'"
Die Welt adds that schools have been closed in some localities, 22,000 households in Austria have lost power, trains have come to a standstill, and traffic has been in chaos.

Frost is expected to spread across southern and middle Germany this weekend, reports, "Temperatures down to -4°C are expected under clear skies in some local areas.

Global warming alarmists claim that such incidences have nothing to do with a climate trend. Yet, climate warmists are now scrambling to explain the increasing frequency of cold weather events now taking hold globally. Whether it's a killer winter in South America, increased snow cover globally, record Arctic sea ice recovery, recovering glaciers in the Alps, record high sea ice extent in Antarctica, extreme cold in southeast Europe, or 5 consecutive colder than normal European winters, just to name a few, the ominous signs of global cooling are compounding rapidly.