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Quite possibly the worst doctor's visit ever.
Stamford, Conn. After waiting 9 hours for a doctor who failed to show, a kidney transplant patient claims, a Yale-New Haven Hospital security guard beat the hell out of him when he tried to leave.

Antonio Aniello and his daughter Roseanna Gjuraj, who was with him, sued Yale-New Haven Hospital and security guard Edward Viglione, in Superior Court.

Aniello was 53 when he received a kidney transplant in November 2010. Not quite a year later, on Sept. 11, 2011, his doctor told him to go to Yale-New Haven Hospital's emergency room because he was dizzy, weak and fatigued, he says in the lawsuit. His 28-year-old daughter went with him.

Testing and monitoring were inconclusive and "after nearly nine (9) hours in the ER, waiting to be seen by a kidney specialist, a representative of YNHH advised Aniello that he had been discharged," according to the complaint.

"Aniello and Gjuraj, frustrated by the long wait, lack of resolution regarding Aniello's symptoms, and the fact that despite being in the ER for nine (9) hours the appropriate kidney specialist had not arrived to examine Aniello and determine why he was experiencing dizziness, weakness and fatigue, began gathering themselves and their things to leave, all in the presence of the YNHH representatives / agents / employees."

While "ambulating down the hallway," Aniello says, defendant Viglione "suddenly and without provocation came running around the corner in full force and towards Aniello."

Aniello told Viglione: "There is no trouble; I want to go home," but Viglione "grabbed Aniello by the collar with great force," according to the complaint.

His daughter hollered at Viglione "to let go of her father, who remained in a fragile condition," as did Aniello himself. However: "Despite the pleas of Aniello, Gjuraj, and a YNHH representative, employee and/or agent, Viglione did not release Aniello and in fact began to push Aniello backwards. Viglione thereafter threw Aniello to the ground with great force causing Aniello's left side and head to strike the ground with great force, thereafter, Viglione threw himself onto Aniello's body which Viglione thereafter struck with great force," the complaint states.

"Gjuraj attempted to protect her father but was physically restrained by multiple representatives, employees and/or agents of YNHH, forcibly placed in an ER examining room, and held for a period of time against her will."

Aniello says he suffered a torn rotator cuff, contusions, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, headaches, flashbacks and other problems from the attack. He seeks punitive damages for reckless and intentional assault and battery, false imprisonment and negligence.