A road sign in Lancaster County is attracting a lot of attention and getting quite a few laughs.

It's a green sign that PennDOT placed on Route 222 south, notifying drivers that they are approaching Ephrata. Problem is, the town is spelled "Epharta."

"Yeah, a lot of people are talking about it," said Ephrata resident Mary Luter. "I see it all over Facebook and I think it's kind of funny that they misspelled the word since Ephrata's been here for so long."

PennDOT spokesman Mike Crochunis told us that the agency printed six Ephrata signs and only one of them came out Epharta. Very odd.

The department is going to fix it, but not by replacing the whole sign which would cost about $2,100.

"We're going to cut out a section of the two letters that are juxtaposed and put a plate in there," Crochunis said. "It will be aluminum, match up with the sign."

That will still cost several hundred dollars. PennDOT expects the sign to be corrected in a couple of weeks.

Source: WHTM