Ice outs are still happening on lakes in northern Minnesota because of our cold and snowy spring.

Now, homes along the shore of Mille Lacs Lake are getting damaged because the ice is moving like a glacier, and pushing up against the homes.

In a video sent to us by KSTP viewer, Darla Johnson, you can see the ice making its charge onto shore. Then in a matter of minutes the wind pushes the ice about 15 feet from the shore to the doors of a home.

Johnson even tried saving patio furniture but she couldn't stop the ice before it pushed in doors and windows, causing damage.

The ice is piled up about three feet high.

Johnson says some crews were working to get the ice away from the homes, but "it's a battle they're not winning right now."

Some access roads near Izatys Resort were closed Friday, according to Johnson. Only local residents were being let through, she said.