Climate science/renewable energy critic Rainer Hoffmann has researched the literature on mean global surface temperature.

Stunningly, he shows that something is not right with the figures coming from the world's leading climate experts. The figures tell us the mean global surface temperature has dropped 1°C over the last 25 years. At that rate, we'll be in an ice age by the year 2100!

Page 1 of Hoffmann's two-page pdf file shows literature that says the mean global temperature in 1990 was 15.5°C. Page 2 shows the literature that says it is now only 14.5°C.

Here's a chronology of the global mean surface temperature figures from the leading experts over the last 25 years:

Temperature Spiegel
© Der Spiegel
1988: 15.4°C
Der Spiegel, based on (untampered) data from NASA (see chart right).

1990: 15.5°C
According to James Hansen and 5 other leading scientists; they too claimed the global mean surface temperature was 15.5°C. Also Prof. Christian Schönwiese claimed the same in his book "Klima im Wandel", pages 73, 74 and 136. 15.5°C is also the figure given by a 1992 German government report, based on satellite data.

2004: 14.5°C
14 years later, the temperature mysteriously drops to 14.5°C, according to professors Hans Schellnhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf in their book: "Der Klimawandel", 1st edition, 2006, p 37, based on surface station data from the Hadley Center.

2007: 14.5°C
And also according to the Holy Climate Bible, the IPCC WG1 AR4 (page 6 of

Schellnhuber Temperature
© Schellnhuber and Rahmstorf
2010: 14.5°C
Reconfirmed by Professors
Schellnhuber and Rahmstorf in their book: Der Klimawandel, 7th edition, 2012, page 37, (see chart right) based on surface station data.

2012: 14.5°C
Also given by Prof Mojib Latif, March 20, 2012, 1:55 mark.

I wrote about this issue once before awhile back. But now Hoffmann has summed it nicely in just two pages, see link at the top of the page. The consensus today for mean global surface temperature seems to be 14.5°C, while in 1990 it was a balmy 15.5°C.

Of course we know that the mean global surface temperature has not fallen 1°C since 1990, so it is obvious that the experts are all confused about what the real mean temperature really is.

It is highly disturbing that mean global surface temperature numbers may simply have been plucked out of the blue. At least there's agreement that the temperature has stagnated over the last 10 years or 14.5°C.

Often we see temperature trends depicted as anomalies. But anomalies from what?

The whole business of transforming society based on a figure that we now see is completely in dispute and in a state of utter confusion needs to be stopped until the issue gets cleared up. If it was 15.5°C in 1990 and today it is indeed only 14.5°C, then shouldn't we be preparing for something totally different? Which figure is right?

The scientists need to explain this situation. Talking about trends and anomalies when there's no agreement on the benchmark temperature makes no sense.

Rainer Hoffmann's dissident website,, was shut down on 30 November, 2012. The message left at the site says Hoffmann left Germany and is now being sought by the authorities.


Hoffmann writes he fled the country in order to avoid involuntary, forced admission to a psychiatric center, as ordered by a seemingly irate justice system. The legal issues of Mr. Hoffmann are not the main issue here. The real issue here is that the climate institutes don't have their numbers straight.