© File PhotoMembers of Hamas security forces march during a graduation ceremony for new recruits in Gaza
Israeli regime's spy agency, Mossad, has threatened to assassinate officials of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas.

Israel Radio quoted a Hamas spokesman as saying that Israel's spy agency, Mossad, has sent warning messages to Gaza officers and security forces, threatening to assassinate those fighting against the regime.

The threats came after Hamas said last week that its security forces arrested a number of people on suspicion of espionage for certain Western and Arab spy agencies in the Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Lafi, a Hamas security chief, said that half of those arrested "have confessed to being collaborators."
"The Gaza Strip is swarming with Western intelligence agencies, such as the American, British, French and German services," Lafi said, adding that certain Arab spy agencies were also operating in Gaza.
The official added that Hamas had a "list of collaborators who will be arrested once the time for them to repent has run out."

In mid-March, Hamas Interior Ministry warned those spying for the Israeli regime that they would be pursued without mercy if they did not turn themselves in by April 11.