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While checking her baby monitor, an Australian woman was horrified to discover what she believes was an extraterrestrial peering through her back window on Sunday night, and she snapped a photo to prove it.

The woman, identified only as Judy, had recently purchased a new baby monitor to keep tabs on her 89 year old mother. Judy's mother lives in the adjoining duplex, and thought that the camera might be a good way to monitor her elderly mother as she worked next door.

But after nightfall, Judy noticed something peering into the back window of her mother's home, and it didn't look human.

"It was after work in the early evening, I turned the monitor on to find mum safely in her lounge chair watching TV, but the window behind her revealed a distinct picture of an alien at the window," she told Before It's News.

"There is NOTHING in her lounge near that window that could cause a reflection like this."

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