Bread, potatoes, sausages, bacon and milk are all set to go up in 2013 due to dwindling supplies and rising production costs

Shoppers will find it hard to swallow but prices for food basics will soar again next year.

Bread, potatoes, sausages, bacon and milk are all set to go up due to dwindling supplies and rising production costs, the Sunday People has reported.

In some cases wholesale prices for our trolley faves have DOUBLED in a year with output at a 30-year low.

It is a major blow for hard-hit families who have already been clobbered with big rises to their supermarket bills.

Economist Jonathan Davis warned: "If prices are rising for wholesalers there will doubtless be a knock-on effect for consumers."

Morrisons chief Dalton Philips added: "2013 will be a little tougher than this year. We'll try to insulate customers where we can."

Since the credit crunch hit in 2007, sausage prices have rocketed by 33 per cent, potatoes by 32 per cent, milk by 31 per cent and bread 29 per cent.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, rising wholesale milk prices are up due to production falling by 6.5 per cent.

And spuds have already more than doubled this month from £114 a to £245 a ton ­compared to December 2011.

The rise is blamed on Britain's worst potato crop for 30 years. Bread is also under threat with the price of a white loaf up by 12 per cent this year. And experts believe the trend will ­continue into 2013 amid the worst British wheat crop since 1977.

The National Pig Association fears poor supplies and rising production costs will hit bacon and bangers.

Mr Davis added: "Food is not a discretionary product. The price can go as high as it wants and people will still have to pay it."

A report by European Food and Farming Partnerships, predicted food inflation will hit four per cent by the end of next year.