Neon Aqua Markers= Sighting Report
Red Markers= Camera Capture
v.1 (c) LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google Earth

Meteor video captured by the ASGARD Allsky System at Huntsville, Alabama
Credit: Dr. Bill Cooke, NASA

Initial sighting reports

18 November 2012 - Tracey, Chickamauga, GA USA 19:29 EST
4 seconds duration. East-West direction. I was headed due west on Lee Clarkson Rd. White light, then turned red as it burned up and disappeared. Less bright than the Sun, more bright than Venus. It appeared right above me, traveling in the same direction (toward Lookout Mountain).
18 November 2012 - Christy Levet, Brentwood, TN 18:32:00
South direction. Yellow and red. Bright as the moon. It had a tail and looked like a falling firework.
18 November 2012 - Debbie Martin, exit 102, Hwy 67 north, 2 miles going east on Hwy 226, Arkansas, US 18.30,18.40
5-7 seconds duration. East direction. White color, also blue then orange/yellow. Largest meteor I have ever see.
NASA Confirms
Confirmed fireball brighter than the Moon, seen in 5 cameras on November 19 at 00:29:24 UTC (November 18 18:29:24 CST). Trajectory solution in work.

Regards, Bill Cooke, NASA Meteoroid Environment office