Another "accidental" UFO sighting was caught on video, this time over an unidentified seaside area in Russia, by rafters enjoying a day out on the ocean.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows a group of rafting enthusiasts pulling up their inflatables to the shore after an obviously enjoyable excursion. Something flies overhead at an incredible speed, and it's only noticeable when the sequence is slowed down and enhanced.

Thankfully, the makers of the video oblige and the results are spectacular.

The unidentified flying object is of the saucer type, elongated and dark in color. It doesn't look like a bird and it's flying past so quickly, it's not like any known conventional aircraft. So what is it?

These kinds of UFO sightings are being posted to the web more frequently in the last year. It seems that videographers are willing to take a closer look at objects which, in the past, would have been discounted as a lens anomaly, tricks of light, or something else.

A blowup of this UFO video doesn't help much to identify the object, but many natural explanations seem to be ruled out.

What do you think?