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Major General Robert Mood, for the UN Observer Mission in Syria, is facilitating the plot being created against the Syrian government by claiming that "the escalating violence is now limiting our ability to observe, to verify, to report as well as assist in local dialogue and stability projects. Violence, over the past 10 days, has been intensifying, again willingly by both parties, with losses on both sides and significant risks to our observers.

Mood says that the Syrian population is suffering, "and in some locations, civilians have been trapped by ongoing operations."

The six point peace plan "suggested" by the UN in conjunction with the Arab League is not being implemented, according to Mood . "Initially, there was a lull in violence, brought about willingly by the parties, and UNSMIS (the United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria) began to engage with the local population, establishing trust and building bridges between the local authorities and opposition groups."

The Free Syrian Army has been in communication with the UN, spreading propaganda to entice the international community's support for their cause. The FSA told the UN that Syrian government forces were sexually abusing and torturing Syrian men, women and children.

The FSA are reported to have possession of chemical weapons with the intention to use them against Syrian citizens to frame Assad's military forces.

Israel has publicly claiming Assad is obtaining chemical weapons in an acceleration of assault that is designed to force the US government to take military action against the sovereign nation.

Israel says there are stock piles of nerve and mustard gas are prompting "concerns" by the US that they may have no choice but to attack Syria.

US diplomats and intelligence agents are engaging the FSA to assist them in organizing their attacks against Assad.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and State Department, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, are helping the FSA develop logistical routes to transport supplies into camps in Syria and train them in better communications abilities.

According to US officials, the CIA is divulging secret intelligence with the FSA so they can better attack Assad's military forces.

The FSA, in an ultimatum directed at Assad, promised to take "courageous decisions" should Assad fail to take their suggestion seriously. They warned of a coming announcement that would produce ''the next phase" of their plans to assault the Syrian government with the aim of forcing Assad to step down "voluntarily".

The Human Rights Watch also claims that "pro-government armed militias have sexually abused women and girls as young as 12 during home raids and military sweeps of residential areas."

The UN's internal commissions, comprised of advisors to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, are calling on the international community to "protect populations at risk of further atrocities in Syria" and the world's leaders should consider "the full range of tools available under the United Nations Charter" as the UN seeks to become the all-powerful governing body deciding who is committing abuses against humanity and how they should be punished.

The European Union (EU) has come forth to ban Syrian goods for export while sanctions from Western countries against Syrian begins to mount.

The EU claims that Assad's wife is shopping during the conflict.

Yet, the EU is also banning the export of protection equipment such as gas masks and protective suits; chemicals that may be used to make toxic chemical agents; and certain pathogens, such as certain viruses, bacteria and toxins.

These purchases, on the open export market, have less to do with the consumer habits of Assad's family, and more to do with controlling Syria through economic terrorism.

Victoria Nuland, spokeswomen for the US State Department asserts that both Russian and the US government are discussing "a post-Assad transition strategy."

Sergey Lavrov denies this claim, stating: "It's not true that we are discussing Syria's fate after Bashar Assad. We aren't dealing with a regime change either through approving unilateral action at the United Nations Security Council nor through taking part in some political conspiracies."

The Obama administration, working toward over-throwing Assad, is attacking any and all assumed allies. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State condemned Russia's refusal to work against Syria, accusing Russia of "dramatically" escalating the situation with their sale of refurbished helicopters to Assad's government.

Lavrov states that by "pressing for an immediate ousting of Bashar al-Assad, contrary to the aspirations of a considerable segment of Syrian society that still relies on this regime for its security and well-being, would mean plunging Syria into a protracted and bloody civil war."