Missouri - Officials are investigating a smelly problem at Blue Springs Lake, where thousands of fish have died in recent weeks, causing problems for swimmers and boaters.

According to officials with the Missouri Department of Conservation, which oversees the fish population at the lake, thousands of common carp have died in recent weeks. Officials say that the issue, which first appeared shortly before Memorial Day, appears to be a disease problem affecting only carp, and not an overall water quality issue.

Biologists with the Department of Conservation are working to determine if the disease is bacterial or viral in nature - adding that the disease does not effect humans, so that there is no threat to the public.

Carp are not native to the lake, officials said, and the mass fish kill isn't necessarily bad for the overall health of the fish population.

However, officials did say that the thousands of dead fish could present an obvious, and smelly, problem for swimmers and others using the lake, which is owned by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and managed by the Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department.

Officials with the Parks and Recreation Department say that they will be monitoring the lake for e. Coli bacterial levels, and will open or close the beach area as necessary.