• US, Florida - A Naples church and daycare were forced to be held outside on Sunday. The pastor of Faith Community Church says a growing sinkhole underneath the building is to blame.

    "It's heartbreaking. There's nothing we can do about it," says Pastor Roy Shuck.

    Shuck says the sinkhole may be shifting tiles near the church's nursery and splitting walls where they pray.
    The ground has shifted so much that Shuck says it now slopes four inches down.

    On Thursday, Collier County officials deemed the church unsafe for the congregation. That forced Sunday services to be held outside.

    "The church is us together, so we can still have church whether we have a building or not," says church member Christine Schott.

    News they couldn't get inside rattled some members, however.

    "I felt sad because I don't want it to be destroyed because it will hurt. It will be very bad if it's destroyed," says church member Eli Bickford.

    It's too soon to know if the building can be saved.

    "We built the church with ideas that we will be expanding someday. I don't know, maybe God, I know he has plans for us," says Schott.