Donald J. Sachtleben, 54, was charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.

A former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and Carmel resident was arrested on child pornography charges.

Donald J. Sachtleben, 54, has been charged with possessing and distributing child pornography.

U.S. Attorney Joseph Hogsett announced the criminal charges Monday, stating law enforcement began investigating an individual suspected of trading child pornography online in September 2010. That individual, who resided in Illinois, was arrested in January 2012.

After searching the Illinois suspect's computer, authorities discovered he was trading material with several other people. Hogsett said law enforcement was able to trace the alleged online activity to Sachtleben's home in Carmel.

A Indiana man who spent 25 years with the FBI specializing in counterterrorism and bombing investigations has been charged with distributing and possessing child pornography, Fox 59 reports.

Authorities say 54-year-old Donald J. Sachtleben openly traded child porn using the e-mail address ""

Fox 59 reports in one instance, Sachtleben allegedly sent someone an e-mail containing nine images featuring child pornography and told the recipient, "I have even better ones if you'd like."

Police say they recovered approximately 30 videos and images containing child pornography from Sachtleben's computer. He faces as many as 30 years in prison if convicted.

Sachtleben is currently employed in the Department of Forensic Sciences at Oklahoma State University. He spent over 25 years as a special agent bomb technician in the FBI before retiring in 2008. He specialized in counterterrorism and bombing investigations.

U.S. Attorney Joseph Hogsett told Fox 59 he was disappointed a former federal agent would commit such a crime, but that the arrest proves no one is above the law.

"No matter who they are, no matter who they know, no matter where they come from, the standards are the same," Hogsett said.

Sachtleben is currently working in the Department of Forensic Sciences at Oklahoma State University and has been an employee since October of 2011. The university declined to comment on the case at this time.

In 2008, Sachtleben retired from the FBI as a special agent bomb technician. According to OSU's website, Sachtleben spent 25 years with the FBI, specializing in counter-terrorism and bombing investigations.

Sachtleben is expected to appear in court on Thursday.