US: Dewitt, New York - 28 protesters have been arrested after a demonstration against reaper drones Sunday afternoon outside Hancock Air National Guard base.

About 150 protesters gathered at the base, protesting without words to the beat of a drum.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Office said the protesters needed a permit to march on the road. All 150 people were told they would not be arrested if they left quietly, 28 chose to stay put.

The Town of Dewitt local law requires that anyone wishing to protest have a town issued permit to do it.

"In my 50 years,of protesting publicly all over the US, I have never seen such a preemptive action against free speech on a public street," said protester Debra Sweet.

One man was charged with a misdemeanor for resisting arrest.

Protesters said they'll continue to spread their message of peace. Next time they will have a permit.

"We're trying just any way we know how to do the best we can for non-violence. I believe in nonviolence that's what we're working for," said protester Victoria Ross.

Most of the protesters were released on appearance tickets and are scheduled to be in the Town of DeWitt Court at later dates.

Source: WSYR-TV