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Reports reveal that British special forces are directing rebel attacks in Syria utilizing U.S. arms being smuggled through Turkey and Lebanon following wave of rebel bombings

Reports are now surfacing that Syria rebels attacks are being led at the direction of British and Qatari special forces. The attacks are being fueled by U.S. arms which are being smuggled through Turkey after a cargo plane of U.S. arms was seized in Lebanon.

The reports of the U.S. arms smuggling and assistance of the British special forces coincide with a wave of rebel bombings that have left over 200 wounded in the Aleppo, Syria.
The US is setting up an international coalition aimed at supporting rebels in their struggle. The so-called "Friends of Democratic Syria" will involve countries willing to prop up the opposition, and pile more pressure on the regime. Direct military action is ruled out, but reports suggest British and Qatari special forces are already in the conflict zone. And while the US and its allies criticize Russia for supplying military hardware to Damascus, there are now calls from American lawmakers to arm the opposition. As RT's Marina Portnaya reports, the region's already been flooded with firepower made in the USA.
Lebanon also recently reported intercepting a cargo plane full of U.S. arms and intel that was destined for Al-Qaeda operatives inside of Syria. The deployment of special forces appears to be an attempt to counter Iran's deployment of up to 15,000 soldiers to Syria to help the government put down the rebellion.

The attacks also come as the U.S. looks to sidestep the United Nations, who refused to intervene in Syria with a military force, by creating an international coalition to launch an attack against the Syria government and force regime change. The announcement of the international coalition follows warnings from top U.S. officials that the international militarization of Syria is growing closer.

Government think tanks and media reports reveal the purpose of U.S. military action in Syria is to prepare for war on Iran. President Obama recently invoked the NDAA declaring the threat from Iran an "National Emergency". Following the invocation, western media stepped up anti-Iran propaganda with absurd reports, such as Iran training 1000s of female ninja assassins. Meanwhile, other signs that war with Iran is inevitable have surfaced. Diplomats have ordered gas masks as embassies in Israel make preparations for an Iran strike. Western media have also began emergency preparations to provide broadcast coverage of the war with Iran. The U.S. has deployed warships to the Persian gulf and has began secretly amassing troops in Kuwait.

In perhaps what is an attempt to prevent the war, U.S. officials have come forward and admitted that Israel is engaging in state sponsored terrorism. They have told NBC that Israel runs a terrorist organization known to conduct bombings, unconventional warfare, and targeted assassinations throughout the Middle East. The terrorist group, MEK, is responsible for a series of assassinations and bombings inside Iran over the last few years.