The writing's on the wall
This is just beyond ridiculous now. Identical talking points across the artificial political divide in the MSM while neither publication offers any shred of evidence to prove their claim. Mockingbird is alive and well in the Western press.
  • from the left.... "...appeared to have been carried out by al-Qaida." MSNBC
  • from the right... "Double suicide car bombings which today shook the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus have been blamed on Al Qaeda." Daily Mail
Who is al Qaeda? What is their origin? Wasn't it al Qaeda that helped the "rebels" in Libya kill Gadhafi and "liberate" his people? Now they bomb government buildings in Syria killing 40-50 civilians and we are supposed to think... what?

The Western "press" is having to report on two massive car bomb attacks which happened in Syria yesterday because photos and videos of the terrorist acts are all over the internet. The attacks targeted Syrian government and police killing 40 people, mostly civilians.

The Western "press" is calling these attacks the work of al Qaeda even though that conclusion stands in stark opposition to the national myth of what al Qaeda is supposedly fighting. Why would al Qaeda attack a government that is opposed to U.S. and Western powers? If al Qaeda attacked us because of our "freedom", why would they attack Syria if as we say, they are an oppressed nation living under the rule of a tyrant? Isn't that what Bush and Obama both tell us al Qaeda wants?

It doesn't make any sense and it just goes to expose the vapid and morally bankrupt main stream media for what they are; apologists for and sympathizers with the terrorist organizations who are committing these atrocities in our name and planning them from our shores.

This cowardly attack took place one day after Syria allowed the Arab League observers into their country to see for themselves what has been taking place.

Unlike the reported 5,000 victims of the Syrian regime, this attack has video and photographic evidence. Apparently all those "activists" in Syria are incapable of using the camera feature on their cell phones that the National Endowment for Democracy bought for them.

The Arab League observers are also sure to view the actual evidence of the 2,000 dead Syrian police and military personnel while the Western MSM has to rely on "activists said" journalism to support their claims of the brutality of the Syrian government. If it seems like the evidence gathering part of the visit by the Arab League observers is going to be a bit one sided, it will be. And it also seems like someone out there anticipated that little flaw in their plan to destabilize Syria.

The attacks are clearly designed to further destabilize the nation in order to facilitate the regime change that Obama, Bush, and the Clintons so desperately want.

Stratfor recently released a report carefully detailing the destabilization/regime change process that we use in other countries, using Libya and Syria as two recent examples.
"Clandestine efforts can also include working with opposition groups and nongovernmental organizations to improve their information warfare activities. These activities may progress to more obvious covert actions, such as assassinations or sabotage." Stratfor
The CIA has a long and bloody history of using terrorist acts to destabilize nations for the benefit of various corporations and international finance institutions.

Al Qaeda was created by the CIA to bring down the Soviet regime in Afghanistan and they have been used ever since to destabilize nations whom we wanted to force regime change upon. Yugoslavia would be a fine example of that. There have been others. Some closer to home.

These two MSM outlets from the left and the right, blaming al Qaeda for this attack without any evidence to support the claim is ridiculous and pathetic.

Doing so without even attempting to expose where they got that little tidbit of information proves once again that Operation Mockingbird is still in effect in the United States of America.

Where did they get that little talking point from? They got it from the terrorists who planted those car bombs and killed 40 Syrian civilians in an effort to derail the Arab League observer's visit to Syria.... they got it from the CIA.