People in Derry are being plagued by a mysterious noise coming from the air, it has been claimed.

SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey says scores of people are being kept awake by unexplained activity in the night sky - and the noise it creates.

He says if it is caused by police or military activity then the authorities must offer an explanation.

"I have received a number of calls from concerned residents who have been unsettled and whose sleeping pattern is being affected by what can only be described as a relentless and disturbing buzzing noise in the Derry sky over recent days," he says.

"There has been an issue regarding the use of the PSNI Helicopter that has been frequently deployed which has caused annoyance, and I have been in contact with the Police Air Support Unit to ascertain some information in respect of the deployment of the helicopter.

"That having been said, the helicopter has not been visible in recent days when this noise has been reported, and is obviously operating at a high altitude.

"If the PSNI confirm they are not responsible for the noise, then it is only logical, given enquiries that I have carried out, that the British Army are responsible for the operation of whatever device is causing grief to my constituents. I intend to write to the Secretary of State to confirm if this is indeed the case, as the presence of the noise is causing considerable anxiety."

He added:"We need answers to these important questions and I do intend to continue to pursue statutory agencies to find out who is responsible."

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